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  1. Do you know any more about the story behind it? Was it a kit gun or custom deal? Looks amazing.
  2. brent

    Flooring installation question

    Have you decided on what vinyl to use? I have recently started researching for my house
  3. Minn Kota Ulterra 24v 80lb thrust trolling motor. Comes with mounting bracket for second transducer. Taking it off a boat I purchased to fund a 36v tm. Located in Chandler. $2,800 new. Would be happy to get half that. Make me an offer. Thanks!
  4. brent

    How did everyone do this year?

    I caught a fish
  5. brent

    Reloading for Semi auto

    I would recommend reading the free downloadable pdf's by Zediker. Reloading for the Match M14 - Zediker
  6. When I went to school up there a few years back I had a few odd jobs: -Warners Nursery landscaping. -Self employed yard maintenance, tree removal, snow removal. -Cut and sold firewood (hard work) -Ran errands for a local real estate office. Has he thought about working at Sportsmans Warehouse? Or starting his own yard maintenance company? Maybe the Hook Up or Arizona Fishing Guides need someone located in that area? There are tons of really neat companies up there to look into: Kenetic Defense, Side Armor (makes holsters and firearm accessories), GORE, Vintage Offroad (super awesome company refurbishes old Land Cruisers and the like), Canyon Coolers. Hopefully this gives you a few ideas. Also look into joining a club or two to meet new people with similar interests. There should still be a fishing club which I started to compete in the FLW College Fishing Series, and I also happen to know that there is an Archery Club. Good Luck!
  7. brent

    When is the next land Auction

    Are you thinking of the Tax Lien Sale? It happens once a year in February, just do a google search on it.
  8. brent

    This new forum layout

    Sorry for just complaining and not being more specific: I did not like how under "unread content" (which is how I keep up with new posts) there were individual posts instead of threads. Also how if you clicked on a thread it scrolled you down to the bottom to see the most recent post. It appears that this has been changed back to how it used to be and is no longer a problem for me. Thanks!
  9. brent

    This new forum layout

    I would not consider myself tech savy, but im not incompetent either. I find it very difficult to use the site now. I have not looked much since the switch.
  10. brent

    Shed season

    I always thought a good idea would be to attach shed hunting to your hunting licence. To remove sheds from forest you would need a hunting licence. This would increase sales, and provide a bigger incentive to not break the rules. If you are caught driving vehicles cross country, on closed roads, or harassing game, then you could lose your licence. Having a "season" would be very difficult to enforce in my opinion. There would always be the people who clean up all the sheds before the season starts. I think applying stricter penalties for breaking laws already in place would be better than making new laws.
  11. brent

    Bath tub epoxiers?

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can epoxy spray a bathtub and a shower insert in Casa Grand. Reply or shoot me a PM. Thank you!
  12. brent

    Lee's Ferry Mid June/Early July

    I have taken a bass tracker a few times. If you are careful it is fine. I am not careful and took some chunks out of my prop. I would be hesitant to take a fiberglass boat up. Fishing in the walk-in section is actually really good.
  13. Howdy, My 2009 Toyota corolla has a crack splitting the front window. Any installers on here? My insurance does not pay for it, so it will be cash. Thanks.
  14. brent

    Old Bass Tracker

    ol stump jumper has found a new home! She will be missed.
  15. brent

    Old Bass Tracker

    I have for sale a 1983 Bass Tracker III $2500 Specs: -16' -1997 40 hp Yamaha -87lb thrust motor guide trolling motor -spare tire -removable pedestal seat -front deck is extended to console -front under deck storage compartment -working live well Needs some work: -Carpet is deteriorating from bring kept in the sun for two years -I think new wiring (or maybe just new battery connections) will take care of the navigation lights and bilge pump not working -I think the fuel pump needs to be replaced. Sometimes the motor acts like its not getting enough fuel and I have to back off the throttle and then power forward again to regain full speed. Its done this since I bought it about 8 years ago but never bothered me enough to try and fix it. I am hoping someone can get as much use and fun out of this old boat as I did.
  16. brent

    Old Bass Tracker

    Well, I got a few more years use out of it. The carpet is almost completely worn away. On the bright side I just spent $300 on new batteries. New price: $1500
  17. brent

    1st year recurve

    What spine carbons do you suggest? I'm having a heck of time finding aluminum anymore. There are a lot of factors at play: draw length, poundage, arrow length, how much tip weight you want.... You can play around with the 3rivers arrow calculator to get an idea what might work, but you really need to have some components at your disposal to mess with paper tuning to get it perfect.
  18. I never have money when you post awesome stuff like this.
  19. brent

    Fly fishing gear

    Orvis or Desert Sportsman, both in Scottsdale are the only places I would go.
  20. brent

    Meat processor in Flag

    Dan Bix is great. No experience with Rhonda's.
  21. brent

    New Elk Rifle

  22. brent

    Prickly Pear Moonshine

    So is it made from the pads of the cactus and then flavored with prickly pear fruit syrup or juice? Sounds awesome.
  23. brent

    Alaska Fishing Trip

    Great pics! I leave in a few days for one month in the same area
  24. brent

    Budlight neon