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West Valley Roofer Needed

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Going through the process of selling my home and had a few items pop up during the inspection that require being repaired by a licensed professional.


Anyone on here in this line of work or know someone?


House is located in Buckeye.


Per the Inspection report:

Broken, slipped and missing tile exposing underlayment. Recommend having repaired to protect material
from UV damage.
Stain in closet ceiling, have this area evaluated with other roof repairs.
Gable vent screen is not attached , allowing birds into attic. Recommend correction.
Cover,fill or seal openings to prevent pest/rodent intrusion. Stucco has areas that are damaged , some
stucco application appears thin and not to standard.Have qualified person assess and make all needed



Any advice would be appreciated.


Happy Thanksgiving!



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If anyone on here ever needs a roofer, I highly recommend T.Murphy4's brother Sheldon at TSM Roofing. 928-232-3007


He did a great job and his price was very reasonable.


It always stings a little less when you hand over cash to a fellow hunter.



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