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unit 30a late Dec

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very tuff tag not alot of land to hunt plus some of it burned.with that said I have seen two big bucks come out of there.

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It is certainly a tough hunt, but just get off the roads, put in some miles in hiking and you can be successful. I've only hunted this unit once and connected a couple of hours after the season opened in 2016 on a small eight point buck, very close to a road while hiking to where we planned to glass.


During two days of scouting and four days of hunting I did not see any large bucks. The largest one I saw was the one I took. A buddy of mine passed up on a couple of forks.

We hunted by entering via Dangerous Road off of Highway 80 just northeast of Douglas. First screenshot shows where you access Dangerous road and second one is the approximate kill site. We were hiking on our way to some red hills to the west of there.

Good Luck!!




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