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Swarovski TLS/APO 30mm telephoto lense system

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Swarovski TLS/APO 30mm telephoto lense system - $475 shipped to your door.


This lense will attach your DLSR or mirrorless camera directly to your ATX/STX eyepiece.


Allows you to achieve actual camera photo quality instead of using a cell phone adapter. I used it a couple times from my front porch. You cannot tell it has ever been out of the box! Pristine new condition!


I am including the T-ring adapter to use this on the Sony E-mount system.


Literally only selling because I just bought a Manners ShotShow demo stock that I shouldn't have. B)


post-11266-0-29300200-1517515251_thumb.jpg post-11266-0-98827300-1517515275_thumb.jpg post-11266-0-79198900-1517515289_thumb.jpg

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