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  1. WampusCat

    Swarovski TLS APO 30mm

  2. WampusCat

    Swarovski TLS APO 30mm

    Swarovski TLS APO 30mm. This camera lense adapter is essentially brand new. I mounted it once and it never left the house. Didn’t work with the iPhone mount I use so I put right back in the box where it sits today. Mounts perfectly to the STX/ATX system. I will ship to your door for $425. Long time member here with many good deals both ways.
  3. 200 pieces of Hornady 6.5 4S new in the box straight from GAP. Just came home from overseas and realized I bought multiple orders of the same thing and might have a bit too much on my hands. Good price if you know what this is. Opened box is the one I'm keeping. $175 shipped to your door.
  4. WampusCat

    Berger Hunting VLD 6.5mm 130gr

    Settled on a different load and these are up for sale. 11 boxes (6 of one lot and 5 of another) 2 opened boxes. One missing 2 bullets. One missing 1 bullet. Would like to move them all together so they are priced right. $320 shipped for all. Still don't know why it flips the cell post pics sideways?
  5. WampusCat

    10mm HAM opening day

    Congrats man I was wondering how it went out there with the 40. Awesome stuff! Were you able to recover the slug?
  6. WampusCat

    Hornady 6.5 PRC

    Already factory chambered rifles out there for it. I would guess there will be more to follow between hunters and PRS gurus. This round was developed after the boys at GAP got 6.54S nailed down from Hornady. Its not as fast as the 4S but should appeal to the guy who wants to best the 6.5x284 speeds and do it while burning a slower powder to conserve the barrel, and do it with off the shelf ammo. Lots to read out there on the development of these.
  7. WampusCat

    Son tags first pig

    Looks like a great hunt. Those stink pigs are pretty tough critters. Congrats to you and him!
  8. WampusCat

    Shotgun reloading suggestions

    Thank you both. I use that Hodgdon website frequently as a cross check when loading a new cartridge. The thought never crossed my mind to use it for shot shells!
  9. Looking for suggestions on reading materials or links about reloading shot shells. I have reloaded for pistol and rifle for almost 20 yrs and most of my loading is for long range precision stuff. I have my process down to a literal science. I am venturing down this road with the primary goal of loading some predator hunting loads that have been discontinued. Will likely load some heavier than lead waterfowl stuff with the hope of saving a couple dollars as well. I will be purchasing a simple press that satisfies my low volume need of a couple boxes of shells at a time. I am not very familiar with the process of selecting powders to compliment shot material and/or payload sizes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Really looking for lessons learned the hard way or things I should steer clear of. Your input is appreciated.
  10. WampusCat

    6.5 Grendel is complete !

    This is the correct answer. I need to just shut up and do it!
  11. WampusCat

    First Hunts

    Good luck to them... and you! I'm a couple years behind you but looking forward to our turn as well.
  12. WampusCat

    6.5 Grendel is complete !

    Looks real good! What kind of velocity are getting/expecting from those 120s? 20" barrel? I have a question regarding spent brass, specifically ejected brass. It is the only thing that keeps me from putting together a hunting upper in chamberings other than .223. I prep hundreds of LC brass at a time and when shot in the field I spend a few seconds looking for the brass and if I can't find it, I just chalk it up without much worry. Maybe its just in my head but I don't think I could just keep walking away from prepped grendel brass a slung all over on coyote stands. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad just filling one Coues tag a year. Do you have any plans to add a catch bag or similar for field shooting?
  13. WampusCat

    22-250AI Build

    I was really excited several years back when I thought I had found the ultimate long (ish) range .224 hunting bullet in the 75 gr Scirocco. They shot pretty well but would copper foul the barrel so bad it was insane. Accuracy dropping off inside 50 shots until it was scrubbed clean again. It was the worst fouling I have ever experienced. I wonder if they have adjusted the alloy since?