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I think it is safe to say my guys and I have guided successfully in this unit for many,many years! We've taken some of the largest rams taken in this unit, and our hunters have been 100% successful.


If you are looking for professional help at a very reasonable price on this hunt, give me a call. Got great spotters who, like me, know this area very well. The hunt is booked for the entire season, so there is no rush to take a ram!


The ram that Tom B got in 2010 was guided by AWO guide Dan Reed that day. The rest of the team were watching the herd from across the valley.


I had pneumonia but helped pack it out before I ended up in the hospital.


Here are some other 15B West rams we have taken in the past. 15B West is a tough unit,! Also in 2015 and 2916 we took HUGE rams in Unit 15D!


References available!


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