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My oldest son and I were skunked in the draw, so I put him in for a leftover. We just love to get out and hunt!!. Well, he got a 30A Nov tag (apparently all the 36A/B tags were gone by the time his application was drawn... lol).


Looking at the various areas to start scouting. Looks like some decent stuff over along the far Eastern boundary along the New Mexico border.


The G&F site also references the Walnut Canyon area. It also references some limited access out of Wilcox in the Dos Cabezas area. These areas seem a little closer to get to, but the stuff way East (by following the Geronimo Trail from Douglas) looks more promising on the topo.


Anyone have any experience they want to share? NOT honey holes! ;) Will be scouting either way, but curious....


PM me if you are willing to share.


Thanks in advance!!




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