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Monarch Of Deadman Bay & Sockeye

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Two incredible books written by Roger Caras

It's been about 20 years since I read them but I noticed them on my shelf the other day and thought that anyone that takes my reccomendation will really, really enjoy them. The kind of books that once you pick them up, you read from cover to cover till you're done.

"Monarch of Deadman Bay" takes you through the life and death of a Kodiak Brown Bear. It's written from the perspective of the bear, like the bear is writing the story almost. Totally different writing style that takes you through what the bears life is like, all the trials and tribulations and his struggle to survive on Kodiak. Hard to describe but WELL worth the time.


"Sockeye" The same writng style as Monarch and completely and totally engaging and interesting as it weaves you through the life of a sockeye salmon from the salmon's perspective, from egg to the ocean and back again to spawn, with all the obstacles and struggles in between.

Yeah right an entire book about a sockeye as written from the salmon's perspective, that's crazy. No it's totally cool.

Read em and let me know what you think

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