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Who'd welcome a veteran into their Oct. 25 Coues camp?

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Heroes Rising Outdoors / Hunts for Heroes has its basis in the Arizona elk Society (which as the name states, isn't deer oriented). That said, we've recently been donated some individual Coues tags for a few Arizona units and could use some help for hunts that start Friday, Oct. 25. Those hunt units include: 22 / 30A / 30B / 32 / 36A.

Who will be out hunting in one of these units on the Oct. 25 deer hunt and would welcome an Arizona veteran into your deer camp? I'd be glad to chat with you about what that would entail --- mainly helping get a vet out and away from his/her everyday routine, helping that individual reconnect with their inner self in a non-threatening environment. The camaraderie we all enjoy while hunting has often been eliminated from the veteran now that they're back from deployment and back in society. Showing them what hunting in Arizona is all about helps open their eyes to new possibilities!

Our HRO hunts aren't focused on hunting the largest animals on the mountain, rather offer a healing experience via the hunt to veterans who've given a LOT while serving their country. There are members here on the CWT forums who can vouch for how rewarding this can be, both for the volunteer as well as the veteran.

If this reach-out hits home with you, please, don't hesitate to give me a call: (480)760-3868 --- time is of the essence. You'll be making a real difference in a veteran's life!

Thanks from all of us at Heroes Rising Outdoors,

--- Tom Wagner




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Thanks go out to Chad and his brother Steve --- we've got the 36A Coues hunt covered! Much appreciated, guys!

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