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    Coordinator - Arizona Elk Society's Heroes Rising Outdoors veteran outreach program; archery & fly fishing fan; good friends, good food, good music, and a good night's sleep ...

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  1. Lv2hnt

    travel management

    Just like the "Mexican" wolves, one more thing the Feds are ramming down our throats ...
  2. Lv2hnt

    Anyone going to Tucson this week?

    Got it covered --- thanks James!
  3. Lv2hnt

    Anyone going to Tucson this week?

    1stcoues: Call me this morning (480)760-3868 ... thx
  4. I have a crossbow, accessories, and target I need to get to a disabled vet in Tucson this week for an upcoming elk hunt next month. The lady vet needs time to get acquainted with it pre-hunt (we have someone down there lined up to help her do just that). Give me a call if you're making the trip and can help with the transport: (480)760-3868 ... Thanks! --- Tom
  5. Lv2hnt

    Tag donation options

    Thanks to all who lent their support (we'll get a vet out hunting in a few weeks using an archery cow tag)! Like Flatlander said, Eddie has done a lot of good for everyone he reaches out to ...
  6. Lv2hnt

    Need utility trailer wheel bearings packed

    90-degree turn after the fact. You guys ...
  7. Lv2hnt

    Need utility trailer wheel bearings packed

    Thanks Edge, but have someone here on East Side who can get to it this Tuesday (which has lowered my stress level already). You're still The Man!
  8. Lv2hnt

    Need utility trailer wheel bearings packed

    Tim, you're just so darn far away (I thought of you)! I'm leaving town with it in two weeks, needs to be done by Tues., Aug 20 at the absolute latest ...
  9. Hey All: Getting slammed right now with Heroes Rising Outdoors responsibilities. Anyone available the next 7-10 days to stop by my house in N. Gilbert to repack wheel bearings on open utility trailer I use in the field? It's been a couple years since last done and I'd feel better not having to worry about them this season. Thanks! --- Tom
  10. Lv2hnt

    Tag Donation

    Equine therapy for veterans, partnering with fishing therapy organizations, family camping possibilities --- plus ???
  11. Lv2hnt

    Tag Donation

    Thanks everyone for the support! Matt and I just talked about his brother's tag and he'll be donating it to Heroes Rising Outdoors / Hunts for Heroes. BTW, we'll be shifting our name over to Heroes Rising Outdoors as we begin to expand our outreach beyond just hunting to the veteran community here in Arizona. Same program getting wounded veterans out hunting via donated tags. And we always welcome anyone who wants to give back in a volunteer capacity on our hunts! Just contact me: (480)760-3868 ... Good hunting this fall! --- Tom
  12. Lv2hnt

    Chandler Archery Park Tomorrow Morning

    Can't make it tomorrow, maybe another time (?). Are you talking about the one on south McQueen Road (Paseo Vista)?
  13. Lv2hnt

    Hunter’s Big Chance 2019

    Go get 'em, guys!
  14. Lv2hnt

    Scratch those ears for me

    Tougher for me in many ways than losing a good 2-legged friend. My heart goes out to you and your family ...
  15. Hey All: We placed Hunts for Heroes brochures in 3 Yuma locations a while back. Now need to refill the acrylic brochure holders with our updated materials. Any CWTer have plans to make the trip to Yuma soon who wouldn't mind helping out on a simple task? I leave tomorrow to help on some youth turkey hunts --- best to text or call me: (480)760-3868 ... Much appreciated! --- Tom