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  1. Lv2hnt

    Is Daniel Pavone a member here?

    Glad it worked out (he's a friend on FB) ...
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    Calling you ...
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  4. Changing up my personal set-up to 12x binos ... Brand NEW (right out of the package) Vortex rangefinder harness (sized to fit Vortex or any std 10x42 binos). Padded interior. Completely encases binocular - no open space on sides like Marsupial has had. Includes buckled straps to quickly attach/detach binos to harness. Quiet with no velcro closures. Includes rangefinder/accessory pouch. $75.00 --- Tom (Lv2hnt) in Gilbert (480)760-3868
  5. Offer to loan antelope decoy to us has been accepted. Thx to those who replied!
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  7. Heroes Rising Outdoors was just donated a 2020 archery antelope tag for hunt starting next month (August). We have the disabled veteran picked out who has become a pretty intense archery fan. We're in need of a used antelope decoy for this hunt. Does anyone own a Montana buck antelope decoy (broadside version) they might sell for an Arizona veteran? Time is getting short ... You can contact me at: (480)760-3868 Thanks! --- Tom in Gilbert (Lv2hnt)
  8. Lv2hnt

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    I've been using CampTime's Roll-a-Chair for extended glassing sessions for the last 8 years. Have used it out of the truck as well as packed it (2.5 lb). I've found the 4-legged design much more stable than tri-legged stools/chairs, and is much stronger due to its larger diameter tubing (rated for 250 lb, but have had veterans heavier than that use it). Very comfortable with a foldable back and a higher 19" seat height (this is really nice). Pricing still under $60.
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    Edge: Thanks --- there were 2 other campsites with people I'd gotten to know an easy shout away ...
  10. Lv2hnt


    Hadn't intended to post this, but this fire thread primed the pump. Can't believe people's stupidity! Well ... Got back to my overflow dispersed camping spot at Big Lake about 9 p.m. Memorial Day. "Healthy" campfire going at campsite about 90 yards away. Had no idea who was there (previous campers I'd befriended there had left earlier that day), so thought it best not to approach that evening. Hopped into bed, only to watch side of my tent light up every 5-6 mins about 4-5 times as stuff was thrown on the fire. Could hear voices and laughter. Next morning I got up about 5:30, stepped outside to see two individuals breaking camp. Strapped my .357 on and walked over with phone in hand and immediately took photo of fire pit with active smoke. Also got photo of them packing up camp with car and smoking fire pit in-frame. Two guys in early 20s, N. Mexico plates on vehicle. Confronted them about the fire. Their response: "Yeah we knew, but we got cold." Asked them if they were going to put fire out. They said they'd poured all their water on the fire and that it'd be okay (see pics). Waited 'til they closed trunk (to see plate #), so I could take photo. Driver jumped out and started rummaging in the trunk. Told him to take his time, but I WAS taking a pic of his license plate. Boy, did he get really apologetic all of a sudden! After a short conversation, they drove off. All this took place before the wind picked up. Took me 10 mins, a shovel, and 7 gallons of water to seriously kill all the embers. Also picked up all the cans and bottles they'd left in the fire pit. Stopped by FS office in Lakeside on way home. Left my contact # for FS LEO to get in touch with me. He did by email and said he'd do his best to follow up. I sent him pics in reply (I've omitted the ones here of the car and people). I was actually up there fishing on a Thursday in 2011 when the Wallow Fire started. FS came and chased us away from just north of Crescent Lake, then came with a posse the next morning and closed down the entire Apache Forest. That was a crazy/scary time! Back to today --- we can't get tags to hunt in N. Mexico, but their younger generation can come over and leave unattended fires burning! Of course, way too many similarly mentally challenged Arizonans out there now as well. Chaps my hide! More to come (unfortunately), I'm sure. Rant over, fingers crossed ...
  11. Lv2hnt

    Enough Gun for Buffalo??

    I accompanied a disabled Arizona veteran hunter on the North Kaibab just a few weeks ago. One shot with a 250-gr Nosler Partition .338 Win Mag at 37 yards and the bull died 20 yards from where he originally stood when the shot was taken. That will happen when 3900+ ft lb of muzzle energy breaks the front shoulder, tears up the top half of the heart and continues through both lungs. A quality bullet in any caliber suitable for elk will do the job (50-yard shots on the Kaibab are not unusual) --- we happened to have an awesome Ariz Elk Society Ruger #1 past banquet rifle with us for the hunt. Important note: shot placement is different on a bull bison than on an elk, etc.! Moving forward horizontally from the penile shaft to intersect with the center of the front shoulder, place your crosshairs 12" up from that point and squeeze the trigger ...
  12. Lv2hnt

    National call making contest 2020

    For those of you thinking about supporting local business owners, here's your chance! I bought an aluminum pot call from Ammon last year. I wanted to move to the next level after having called in a gobbler last spring for a Heroes Rising Outdoors veteran using my 35-year-old Lee box call. He made mine out of mesquite (type of wood he uses is your choice). Beautiful and great sounding! I also purchased a couple diaphragm mouth calls from him --- some sweet hands-free turkey slayers! Can't wait to put these to use this next Friday up on the Rim on my own hunt --- thanks again, Ammon!
  13. Lv2hnt

    Free camo

    bigorange: You and your friends (and anyone out there), can contact me - (480)760-3868 - anytime throughout the year to re-home your new and/or lightly used camo clothing, boots, general hunting and camping gear. Heroes Rising Outdoors will put it to good use!