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    Coordinator - Arizona Elk Society's Heroes Rising Outdoors veteran outreach program; archery & fly fishing fan; good friends, good food, good music, and a good night's sleep ...

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  1. Lv2hnt

    ISO Waterfowl Shells - 3.5" BB

    I'm going to piggy back on Sean's thread (okay with you, Rossi?). I also personally drew for sandhill crane, and will be taking 2 disabled vets hunting cranes on donated tags. In the same boat --- it's crazy how skimpy ammo is out there now again (we all know why). I'm in need of some ammo I can shoot out of a 3.5" 12-gauge. LEAD shot preferred! Any HeviShot 3.5" Goose #4s to be had out there anywhere? Or something close??? I'm in the East Valley, will drive anywhere in the Phoenix area ...
  2. Lv2hnt

    Desert Fanatics 2020 Veterans Flag Run

    This flag run will be the 7th annual one held by Desert Fanatics to benefit a veteran organization. This year all funds raised go towards Arizona Elk Society's Heroes Rising Outdoors program. DF was fortunate that the city of Glendale agreed to let the run go forward with a few stipulations (like face masks and social distancing). Would we prefer things were such that we didn't have to make those concessions? Sure. But how would not having the event at all raise funds for vets? It wouldn't. As for no political signs? This is NOT a pro-conservative event, other than the supporting of our veterans who put love of country above themselves! Anything other than that diminishes those sacrifices and redirects our coming together to something else. There are plenty of opportunities to fly flags in support of Trump (or whomever/whatever) --- this won't be one of them. This is about our veterans. I think we can all get behind that ...
  3. This is a ONE-TIME happening - the largest event yet to specifically benefit Heroes Rising Outdoors! If you’re not out hunting this Saturday, no better way to support Arizona’s disabled veterans. You DON’T want to miss this (trust me)! Here's a video from Desert Fanatics Veterans Flag Run last year --- this year's event will be even BIGGER! Come out and join us this Saturday (Nov. 14) in raising $$$ in support of Arizona Elk Society's Heroes Rising Outdoors veteran outreach program. I personally look forward to seeing you there!
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    One ugly critter

    It's a feline camel ...
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    Is Daniel Pavone a member here?

    Glad it worked out (he's a friend on FB) ...
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    Calling you ...
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  8. Changing up my personal set-up to 12x binos ... Brand NEW (right out of the package) Vortex rangefinder harness (sized to fit Vortex or any std 10x42 binos). Padded interior. Completely encases binocular - no open space on sides like Marsupial has had. Includes buckled straps to quickly attach/detach binos to harness. Quiet with no velcro closures. Includes rangefinder/accessory pouch. $75.00 --- Tom (Lv2hnt) in Gilbert (480)760-3868
  9. Offer to loan antelope decoy to us has been accepted. Thx to those who replied!
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  11. Heroes Rising Outdoors was just donated a 2020 archery antelope tag for hunt starting next month (August). We have the disabled veteran picked out who has become a pretty intense archery fan. We're in need of a used antelope decoy for this hunt. Does anyone own a Montana buck antelope decoy (broadside version) they might sell for an Arizona veteran? Time is getting short ... You can contact me at: (480)760-3868 Thanks! --- Tom in Gilbert (Lv2hnt)
  12. Lv2hnt

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    I've been using CampTime's Roll-a-Chair for extended glassing sessions for the last 8 years. Have used it out of the truck as well as packed it (2.5 lb). I've found the 4-legged design much more stable than tri-legged stools/chairs, and is much stronger due to its larger diameter tubing (rated for 250 lb, but have had veterans heavier than that use it). Very comfortable with a foldable back and a higher 19" seat height (this is really nice). Pricing still under $60.