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    Coordinator - Arizona Elk Society's Heroes Rising Outdoors veteran outreach program; archery & fly fishing fan; good friends, good food, good music, and a good night's sleep ...

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  1. Lv2hnt

    Tag Donation

    Thanks everyone for the support! Matt and I just talked about his brother's tag and he'll be donating it to Heroes Rising Outdoors / Hunts for Heroes. BTW, we'll be shifting our name over to Heroes Rising Outdoors as we begin to expand our outreach beyond just hunting to the veteran community here in Arizona. Same program getting wounded veterans out hunting via donated tags. And we always welcome anyone who wants to give back in a volunteer capacity on our hunts! Just contact me: (480)760-3868 ... Good hunting this fall! --- Tom
  2. Lv2hnt

    Chandler Archery Park Tomorrow Morning

    Can't make it tomorrow, maybe another time (?). Are you talking about the one on south McQueen Road (Paseo Vista)?
  3. Lv2hnt

    Hunter’s Big Chance 2019

    Go get 'em, guys!
  4. Lv2hnt

    Scratch those ears for me

    Tougher for me in many ways than losing a good 2-legged friend. My heart goes out to you and your family ...
  5. Hey All: We placed Hunts for Heroes brochures in 3 Yuma locations a while back. Now need to refill the acrylic brochure holders with our updated materials. Any CWTer have plans to make the trip to Yuma soon who wouldn't mind helping out on a simple task? I leave tomorrow to help on some youth turkey hunts --- best to text or call me: (480)760-3868 ... Much appreciated! --- Tom
  6. Lv2hnt

    What's your favorite CWT thread?

    Hard to beat the time when CWT came together the last week of December, 2017 to help the Hunts for Heroes veteran tag out on the 37B desert sheep!
  7. Lv2hnt

    What's your favorite CWT thread?

    Tim, that was a special post! CWTers putting others 1st again ...
  8. Lv2hnt

    We lost a good one this weekend.

    It's not so much they want to die --- they just want the hurting to stop ...
  9. Lv2hnt

    Another heartbreaking loss

    It's never easy to receive news like this. Sorry for your loss ...
  10. Lv2hnt

    20-ft bumper-towable travel/camp trailer???

    He found a trailer to rent --- thx everyone for giving this thread a look ...
  11. Lv2hnt

    20-ft bumper-towable travel/camp trailer???

    Thx for the link. He's a long-time hunter, both tent camped and had a pop-up trailer --- think he's looking more for a regular trailer to make his better 1/2 happy ...
  12. I've got a long-time buddy who's looking to rent (or buy) a 20-ft trailer for his annual Lake Powell fishing trip. Bumper pull that he could tow with his 1/2-ton truck. He's been in the body shop business for a couple decades and is mechanical savvy. He's been trying to find one to rent, but the problem is that he needs it for a week starting April10 (he's competing with Country Thunder). He wouldn't rule out a purchase if the price is right. Any CWTer have something that'd fit the bill? Or maybe able to steer him towards something? Appreciate your help! --- Tom
  13. Lv2hnt

    ISO Cobbler

    Lamb's Shoe Repair in downtown Mesa, on McDonald just south of Main St. (480)969-0275 --- you won't be disappointed!
  14. 3 p.m. TODAY, Saturday, February 9, 2018 ...
  15. Lv2hnt

    How bout them Devils!

    Crickets this morning ... Well, THAT was a long win streak --- NOT!!!