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Tight Guy

300 blackout reloading package

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I built a 300 blackout / 300 whisper upper for my AR about 4 years ago. At the time I wanted to do a hog hunt and thought it would be a great setup.

Well I never seem to have the time and decided to sell these reloading supplies for some money to buy powder and bullets to reload for a 30-06 that I am working up a load on.

The dies, bullets, and powder are all brand new and never opened. The bullets are 120 grain Nosler ballistic tip, and the powder is H 110 which is they tell me the go to powder for this round. I also have 41 empty brass to include.

I would like to sell this as a package, or trade for some 30-06 brass, IMR 4350 powder, H4350 powder, or 30 cal barnes  bullets, or ???

Im thinking 85.00 or OBO. Im located in Gilbert289337900_3001.jpg.f10781bed792c80ba339f22e41282097.jpg

300 2.jpg

300 3.jpg

300 4.jpg

300 5.jpg

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