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FS: Savage short actions and misc

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I can give my cell phone to talk in PM. Located in East Valley. 

Savage actions for sale. 4.4 inch short action, small shank, top bolt release. $265 for 12 FV and $365 for a trued, fluted, with SAV 2 trigger. 

Savage Ashbury Precision folding chassis with Luth MBA 3 AR stock, standard AR grip. for a 4.4 short action. In very good condition. $450

Extra Savage bolt with .223 bolt head and mag bolt head. Matte black bolt handle. $135

Old school Savage 3 screw trigger with everything but the safety. $70

Old style 4.4 short action Accustock, I got it dremmeled out for a regular recoil lug. $90

Area 419 barbell threaded bolt knob. $25 

Aluminum long threaded tactical bolt knob. $15 

Factory accustock recoil lug and barrel nut. $25 

Take off .243 barrel, gloss blue. $45. Looks like very low round count. It shot sub moa with factory ammo. I used the barrel for a youth elk hunt and pulled the barrel.

Take off .223 barrel, matte blue. $45. Maybe three or four hundred rounds. Looks very good, just pulled the barrel.

Ragged Hole prefit, .243, 20 inch sporter, 12 twist, stainless. Less than 100 rounds through it. Shot sub moa with factory ammo for me. $100 plus shipping.

Long action small diameter firing pin, new. $20 shipped
Axis bolt, stripped .308 head. $50 shipped
Two .308 plastic tab magazines. $55 shipped
Two .223 plastic tab magazines. $55 shipped
Two .223 metal bottom magazines. $75 shipped
Short action 4.4 metal bottom metal and steel trigger guard. $75
Short action 4.4 FV stock and model 11 bottom bolt release stock. $25 plus shipping
Long action follower, spring, and box. $10 shipped
Mess of scope bases. Some factory Savage, 1 inch and 30 mm. $10 shipped
Savage shotgun bolt. $40 shipped
Savage factory scope bases, round back. $15 shipped
Set of Savage factory sights. $35 shipped
Savage action screws. $5.00 shipped
.308 baffle. $5 shipped
.223 baffle. $5 shipped
PTG .223 short action bolt face with ejector and extractor. $45 shipped
Steel trigger guard. $15 shipped.

I may be interested in a trade for barrels threaded for suppressor.

Pics to come later.

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9 hours ago, Predatorjunkie1 said:

Is the 223 barrel a 1/9 twist?  Would you be willing to ship?  

Pretty sure it is 9 twist. I didn't get any bites, so I just sent it with a buddy to get chopped and threaded. I can ask my buddy if he will ship it for me, and I would ask like $100 cause of the extra cost of shipping and packaging. Lemme know if you want me to ask. 

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