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I'm the second owner. First owner took good care of it. I did too for a while, then the family came and I let it sit for 3 or 4 few years....

The issues:

* The gas cap corroded while it was sitting and the cap assembly needs to be replaced and rekeyed. I have one functional key for bike; the other key is broken off in the gas cap. 

* It appears as though there is a film of corrosion on the top of the gas in the tank. I believe the tank can be drained and cleaned, but you need  to get in there with a scope to make sure there is no pitting. 

*The bike ran well when it was last run 2 years ago, but I will not start it for you with the film floating in the tank. 

*There is some minor rust (pictured) and the battery is dead. 

*The bike was laid down on a dirt road at 15mph when I first got it. The panels were replaced, but there are still minor scuffs on the case and end of handle bar. No other repair work was required. 


It ain't mint, but it ain't a total beater. I believe it has 25k miles and I could sell the bike for $3k+ if it was running. I was verbally quoted $1100 parts and labor for the gas tank work by Kelly's Kawaski. (300ish for the cap assembly and 800ish if the tank needs to be replaced.)


I don't have any interest in riding motorcycles, working on motorcycles, or seeing a motorcycle in my driveway anymore. I'm asking $1500. I'll also throw in a Shoei RF-1100 helmet and a riding jacket. I am willing to trade for shotguns, handguns, etc.  If you can trailer the bike away and are able to make these repairs, this is probably a great deal for you. Have yourself a fun little bike for cheap, or put some dragon stickers on it sell it to some kid on craigslist for $5k. 🙂


I figure I'll post on here 1k cheaper than Craigslist, cause I really don't have the patience to deal with Craigslist people. Please PM me for more pictures or questions. 







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Good deal! Sold my bike for a work truck when wife got prego with the first kid and wanted to get another one for a long time. Now that I have 5 kids I still miss it but decided against it onlynformthe sake of it wont wanna orphan my kids!

I bet anyone that knows carbs can get it running with some carb cleaner and an afternoon of time spent.  Junkyard might have a replacement cap for dang near nothing and $100 for a new battery. Boom killer deal!

Good luck with the sale

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