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Selner Collection 2002-2003

This collection of mule and white-tailed deer travels throughout the country and is displayed at major sportsmen’s shows.

I took these photos at the International Sportsmen’s Expo in Phoenix in 2003. If you want to see some of the deer that were in the 2004 show, click here. Each year, he has a whole new collection of great deer.

Roger has been fascinated by antlers for most of his life. He is an official measurer for Boone and Crockett, Pope and Young, the Longhunter Society and the North American Shed Hunters Club. He has traveled the sportshow circuit since 1985 displaying some of the greatest elk, mule deer and white-tailed deer trophies.

Please note: Only the first buck pictured is a Coues deer. The others are northern whitetail or mule deer. And I have only shown a few bucks from Roger’s excellent collection. To see a larger picture of the deer, click on the photo.

Found by: Herb KretchmanOwner: Mike SullivanDate found: 1971Location: Graham County, ArizonaNet Score: 152 0/8

Measurement  Right Left
main beam length 20 2/8 20 0/8
base circumference 4 4/8 4 4/8
number of points 8 8
outside spread 19 3/8

This buck is the new #3 in the world for Coues.  It was found dead
by Herb Kretchman of Wyoming while he was out hunting for Coues in AZ.
It looked like it had been killed by a mountain lion.



Hunter: John Powers, Jr.Owner: Bass Pro – King of Bucks
CollectionDate killed: 1983Location: Nez Pearce County, IdahoNet Score: 257 6/8

Measurement  Right Left
main beam length 24 3/8 22 1/8
base circumference 5 0/8 6 2/8
number of points
outside spread 28 5/8

It was opening day of the 1983 season and John was hunting for a monster
mule deer he had seen two weekends earlier in this location.  John
spotted a tiny black spot well over a mile away, then it moved.  That
tiny black spot was an animal and it was moving his way.  So he kept an
eye on it while glassing for other deer.  Finally, over two hours
later, that little black spot turned into a gigantic non-typical whitetail.
John forgot about that big mule deer he was after and shot this fine
whitetail with his Remington 700 .22/.250.  This deer had very few
teeth left and its ribs were showing through the hide.


white tail

Hunter: Michael J. OkrayOwner: Bass Pro – King of Bucks
CollectionDate killed: 1992Location: Cheyenne County, ColoradoNet Score: 258 2/8

Measurement  Right Left
main beam length 23 0/8 23 0/8
base circumference 5 2/8 5 4/8
number of points 14 15
outside spread 25 5/8

Mike was hunting with his friend Greg Pink. No deer were seen on the
first day. So on the second day, they though if Greg moved through the
willow patch it might push a buck out.  Greg was waving to Mike to
crawl back to him.  Mike finally understood the gestures and spotted
the buck at 50 yards.  Missing his first shot, Mike dropped the buck
with his second shot.  The deer is estimated to be 9 years old and had
a live weight of 312 pounds.




Hunter: Ozzie WashburnOwner: Bass Pro – King of Bucks
CollectionDate killed: late 1950’sLocation: Chama, New MexicoNet Score:  Not ScoreableThis deer is one of the greatest stag or cactus bucks ever.  It had
some problem with hormone regulation, probably due to damage of the
testicles.  It never shed these antlers or even the velvet.  So it
just continued to grow year round, abnormally.  This may represent 8-10
years of growth.  The antlers never solidified like normal antlers.
They are extremely light, like holding balsa wood. 

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