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Welcome to AZ Field Optics as our newest sponsor!

June 15, 2019 by CouesWhitetail in Featured, Site News with 0 Comments

I am excited to introduce Arizona Field Optics to the community.  AZ Field Optics is a great business that will really help those of you looking to purchase new optics for your hunts!  AZ Field Optics was opened as a new business entity in August of 2017.  However, Arizona Field Optics is owned and operated under the umbrella of Jay’s Bird Barn and Jay’s Bird Barn has been in business over 15 years.  They have been selling optics since 2004 to the outdoor and hunting community.  This is a business dedicated to providing GREAT customer service!  I called and spoke with several of their customers and they told me, without exception, that they were blown away by the customer service provided to them.  One customer told me how the store let him borrow a pair of Vortex 15×56 for a hunt.  He used the binoculars on the hunt and loved them and so ended up buying them!  Another customer told me that he had a hunt coming up in Mexico and a friend that was going with him broke his tripod just before the hunt.  So he called Ryan (department manager) at AZ Field Optics and Ryan loaned him his personal tripod to take on that hunt in Mexico!  Wow, that’s customer service!     


A great feature of this store is that you can go there and physically handle and compare any optic you are interested in.  They have every Swarovski and Vortex binocular on hand almost all the time. So you can go and compare and contrast each binocular and find the one that is best for you.  And they will allow you to borrow a pair to try on your hunt. They also carry a large assortment of their other products and have full access to the entire catalogue of Swarovski, Vortex and Kahles. They have invested in a large inventory and take pride in knowing our products.

Jay’s Bird Barn, the owner of Arizona Field Optics, has won awards on both a national and city basis—Best Retailer Award, and best small business award with the Prescott Chamber of Commerce.  Since Arizona Field Optics is located inside Jay’s Bird Barn we get a lot of foot traffic, we had over 30,000 customers inside our store last year. 

 I asked them what their top 5 popular products were and they said :  Swarovski Binoculars, 15×56 SLCs because we consider them the pinnacle of long range glassing in a bino, 8×32 ELs because they represent an extremely high quality optic in a nice lightweight package that is excellent for archers, Viper Line of Binoculars because the cost to performance ratio makes them a very nice buy for a lot of folks, Viper line of Riflescopes because there are a wide range of options and price points in that lineup, Vortex Razor 27-60×85 Spotter because you get a great scope for a price that most people can afford.  Also, as a bonus “item”, we recently became a dealer for Outdoorsmans in an effort to better serve folks in this part of the state and their products have sold very well in the short amount of time we’ve carried them.


“We are a family owned business.  We bend over backwards to take care of our customers.  We have an excellent reputation in Central and Northern Arizona.  We have amazing customers that keep coming back.  We have a great website, but we would prefer to do business directly with the customer over the phone instead of them placing their orders electronically.  Give us a call and we will work with you and get you exactly what you want. We know Arizona and the Southwest. We know the people, the places and the unique terrain and circumstances that make this such a wonderful yet challenging place to have fun outdoors.”

They also have an excellent Optics Referral Program.  “If you buy either a scope, binocular, or tripod equipment from Arizona Field Optics you are automatically entered into our Referral Program. When you refer someone to us, and they buy optics from us, you get a 5% store credit on their purchase and you can use it on anything in the store.  This program is unlimited in how much you can earn. You will get that same 5% on the first optics transaction of EVERY customer that is sent to us.”


Arizona Field Optics is located at 1046 Willow Creek Road, Suite #105, Prescott, AZ 86301.  Phone number is 928-778-1500.  Arizona Field Optics is located inside of Jay’s Bird Barn in Prescott. 


Arizona Field Optics is located at 1046 Willow Creek Road, Suite #105, Prescott, AZ 86301.  Phone number is 928-778-1500.  Arizona Field Optics is located inside of Jay’s Bird Barn in Prescott. 

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