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  1. mrodri30

    New Mexico 2 Archery and 1 muzzleloader

    nice bulls!
  2. mrodri30

    4B Archery Bull success! ...and a miracle

    great story!
  3. mrodri30

    Dead Head

    that's coo!
  4. mrodri30

    My First Elk and First Archery Kill

    Nice vid man! Congrats!
  5. mrodri30

    Coues "movement" during the day

    Thank you for the advise! It appears its going to be an all day hunt behind the binos! Cant wait!
  6. mrodri30

    Ali's pig

    real nice!
  7. Hi Guy's, I'm not new to hunting but I am new to hunting "deer" in general and wanted to get your opinion on how coues deer move throughput the day. Are they similar to elk, where they mainly move first couple of hours of dusk and dawn? Are they sporadic? Do they tend to hit water close to night time like elk? As you can probably tell I am a huge elk hunter but know very little about deer. I can "google" these questions sure, but figured any advice from you'll is a lot more useful. I have a rifle tag in unit 27 at the end of Oct and plan to scout the next two weekends to get some of the answers to my questions.
  8. mrodri30

    2017 Mexico !!

    WOW that's awesome. How hard is it to bring your rifle over there? Or do you just not chance it and use the outfitters?
  9. mrodri30

    Elk hunting Idaho (wolves)

    Hey guys just got back from a 8 day ID hunt in zone 43. Hunted as hard as you can hunt but didn't see an elk until day 5. What's odd was the elk were not bugling at all. My buddy and I visited the local bar and were told because of the wolves the elk go quiet. I have never heard of this but it make sense. Everywhere we went we ran into wolf and bear crap. We hunted hard and were all over the west side of the unit. Day 5 we spotted a small bull but he was not with cows and there were diffidently cows in the area. Day 6 we went after another bull without cows but struck out. It was a heck of a hunt but might as well have been rifle hunt. ID is no joke and I didn't know that hunting during the rut could be so quiet when wolves are in the area. Anyway hope everyone had better luck than I did. I hope to have better luck hunting Coues deer here back in AZ in unit 27!
  10. mrodri30

    First Elk Down!

    awesome! congrats
  11. mrodri30

    Bull Elk are Tough!!

  12. mrodri30

    6a Archery Bull

    congrats man!
  13. mrodri30

    Amazing hunt

  14. mrodri30

    Unit 8 hunting camp?