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  1. Thank you so much, CouesPursuit, Bucks N Bulls, and olmos1010! I appreciate your kind words.
  2. Thanks, so much! Hey if you know anyone in SV looking for a puppy, send them my way! We have two more lab pups we need to find a home for (:
  3. Does anyone know what's going on with this girl? Her neck is pretty nasty in addition to the obvious bulges on both her sides. I know nothing about biological diseases/infections and such so I'd appreciate the education.
  4. leilacl

    Last Two Lab Puppies Left

    Agreed, n2horns!
  5. leilacl

    Last Two Lab Puppies Left

    We had two people back out of sales so we have two puppies left to reserve-- a black female and a yellow male. They are 5 1/2 weeks old, will receive their shots after 6 weeks, and will be ready to go home August 17th. $450 each. Please message me with questions. Puppies are located in Sierra Vista.
  6. CatfishKev, I went with Lippert/Doyle in Tucson (:
  7. leilacl

    Purebred Yellow Lab Puppies for Sale

    In Sierra Vista
  8. leilacl

    Purebred Yellow Lab Puppies for Sale

    I do but I'm not sure how to attach them on here. I can email anyone who is interested in parent pics. Just reach out and message me (:
  9. We have 5 purebred yellow lab puppies left for sale. The puppies are not papered but come from papered parents. 2 males and 3 females left. They are 4 weeks old today and will be available to go home mid August. $450. Message me if you have any questions. Thank you.
  10. leilacl

    Shed a teer

    Hi Naturebob, I just read your post about your father. It was incredibly touching. Congrats on getting drawing an awesome hunt. I wanted to reach out and ask if you would be interested in having your hunt filmed? I have been messing around with my cameras and started filming hunts for others. If you want to check out what it has been looking like, I invite you to my YouTube channel. If hunt our hunts don't cross over, I'd love to come out and film your story. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC59ZCHnW1Ask6VGdh4O3Dug/videos?view_as=subscriber
  11. Thank you guys. You're all so kind.
  12. leilacl

    ISO Yellow lab Puppy or Dam to breed Siren to

    We just recently had a litter of purebred, non-papered labs in all colors. PM if interested. They should be ready to go around the end of August.
  13. And if anyone has any taxidermists they'd recommend in either Sierra Vista or Tucson (possibly Phoenix) I'd love to know as I'm looking for either a rug or full mount for this one. Thanks!
  14. I feel incredibly fortunate to have harvested my 2018 spring (really summer) bear. This was the first time I've ever applied for, got drawn for, and hunted bear-- so I went into this with little knowledge, all your guys' advices, and God's good grace. I began hunting out of a blind but the bears tore it down after roughly a week and a half, which made me both amused and a bit nervous. Several encounters of bears coming in between 8 and 20 yards left me feeling blessed, and honestly would have been enough to satisfy my expectations and hopes for my first hunt. Despite the blessings that unfolded, there grew an insatiable curiosity in me: these bears would come in, stop, sniff, smell me, and then leave. I couldn't understand it. I'd used scent spray, avoided excess scents such as deodorant (yes I smelled pretty bad at the end of each day haha), lotion, detergents, etc, paid attention to the wind, and I doused myself in scent cover sprays-- yet my attempts were futile. It was so baffling and yet amazing. What really blew me away was an article that illuminated the following: humans have 6 million olfactory receptors, Blood Hounds 1.8 billion, and bears 12.6 billion. That left me wondering how it would ever be possible to stump their physiology. Additionally, I'd read about, and somehow forgotten on my own, the fact that bears can smell... are you ready to be transfixed... our sweat. Human sweat. My sweat. You guys, I don't know how this simple, simple fact eluded my common sense. I'd been re-wearing several of the same pieces because I thought that the clothes would adopt nature's aromas. Needless to say I learned a lesson. The very next day (July 4th), my dad and headed out with a few new tactics up our sleeves. At this point, my dad had come out with me twice but had yet to see a bear on this hunt, unlike the other company I'd taken, who had all seen bears... including my mom. My poor dad, I kept thinking, the guy who deserves to see these animals the most– for so many reasons– isn't seeing anything. He's going to start thinking I'm making everything I've seen up. Well we hiked our usual route but this time stopped roughly 150 yards before our spot. We took off our clothes, wiped ourselves down with a cold towel to remove the sweat, put on new clothes, sprayed our scent cover, and rubbed mint leaves over ourselves. We then slowly, so as not to begin sweating again, walked into our spot. The first two hours were quiet as far as bears went but screamed with the sounds of other small wildlife. I filled my time with reading my bible and conversation with God, often praying that my dad would get to at least see a bear. Around 8:10am, I swiveled my head to my right, looking to match a sound I thought I heard with the sight of an animal. Nothing was there. But to my left, a twig snapped, and my body rushed with excitement as I turned my head and saw the sun shine down on a beautiful cinnamon bear. She walked in to about 16 yards and stopped to smell around. Her head whirled from left to right and I though for sure she would catch my scent and take off as the others had done before. But that never happened. To my surprise, she lowered her head for a drink, and I drew my bow back as smoothly as I'd ever done. As the pin began to settle around the vitals I told myself just let go...don't wait...she'll run...just do it. The arrow left my bow, passed through her mass, and she took off. I sat there in disbelief. Looking up at my dad, who sat about 10 yards above me, I waited and waited for him to look down at me and... congratulate me, validate me, tell me everything went smoothly and that the deed was all but done? I'm not sure what I wanted, but a palpable sense of eagerness and nervousness overtook me only to disappear roughly a [long] minute later when he finally looked down and gave me a thumbs up. Gosh I love my dad. We spent the next two hours packing up our things, hiking back to the truck, hiking back in, tracking, and finding my girl laying under a tree about 60 yards away. I am very much hooked on bear hunting. There's nothing like getting close to animals of this caliber. I look forward to many more hunts with my dad, spending time with God, and learning just how special these animals are.
  15. Hey all, I'm wanting to know how easily, or not, a bear will be spooked out of his area. I'm doing my first ever bear hunt and I've had two good bears on camera. They're in an area that has one [known] water source, and they have been hitting it hard for the last two weeks when I started setting up my cameras. They have consistently come in at 7am and 7pm. Well yesterday was my first day out hunting, and one came in (around 6:30pm) but left when, I think, it either heard or smelled us. He just walked off, didn't panic. This morning, my big black one came in, appeared to know something wasn't right but proceeded to drink. I was able to get my pin on him, but he took off when my a cell phone's camera function went off. He ran hard and fast. I know very little about bear behavior, so in your opinions, are these bears gone for good? Do they spook easily? I feel blessed for even having the honor of pulling back on him, but I'm scared they might be done with that area. Hoping for positive, helpful feedback. Thanks!