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Finally arrowed 100+ inch buck

January 2015 I was fighting a cold and didn’t feel like hiking into some of my usual hunting areas, so I decided to hunt closer to the road. The area I was hunting was close to Rosevelt Lake.  I made my way up on a small ridgetop not far from my truck, next to a scrape line. I decided to sit all day in hopes a buck would stroll by looking for a doe. About 1:30 pm, right when I thought nothing was going to come in, I spotted a deer quickly making its way toward me. I could tell it was a shooter, but didn’t have time to see its rack very well. As he walked into a small clearing 32 yards out, I stopped him with a grunt and sent an arrow on its way. The arrow disappeared into his side. Not sure exactly where I had hit him, I got down to look for my arrow. No arrow and little blood sign made me worry. I found some long white hair, intestinal matter and a chunk of bone that I could tell had come from a leg. I figured the arrow must have hit a little far back in the paunch and angled back into the leg. Unsure of the shot, I decided to back out and come back in the morning. I called my wife, who was anxious to come help, along with my 12 year old son Ethan. We woke up the next morning and started the search. Sign was scarce and after about 150 yards we couldn’t tell where the deer had ran. I was about to start a grid search when I noticed that Ethan had disappeared. I yelled but no answer. I yelled again and thought I could hear him so I walked in the direction I thought the sound came from, and walked right into my deer!  I was very surprised to see how big the antlers were with all the extra points. What a special trophy this deer is to me. I’ve been fortunate to have killed 3 other 90-100 inch bucks with my bow in the past 4 years and have wanted to harvest a Coues that would surpass 100 inches. This buck grosses 115 and nets 105. Thanks for this awesome Web site. I’ve spent many hours enjoying all of the pictures and stories and decided it was past time to do my part and share a bit. And a super big thanks to my wife Trina, who often joins me on a lot of my crazy hunting and scouting adventures.  Hope you all enjoy.

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