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    Poverty tag

    Nice. Thanks for sharing your hunt. What broadhead you use? Arrow weight?
  2. MuggyMan

    5B North and South

    I have late season bull tag 5B N&S. Talked to lots who hunted north in early archery. Haven't heard from anyone who hunted the south unit this year. I was wondering if anyone here had any of the early hunts in 5BS? Anyone close the deal? What was the rut like in 5BS? Interested in hearing anything anyone cares to share. In the forum or pm. Thanks Darrell
  3. MuggyMan

    Woods Canyon Lake

    We were up in 4A this past Thursday through Sunday for turkey. Adriane fished Woods Canyon Thursday morning. He arrived 7:30, wasn't crowded, and he caught 3 trout and a ton of sunfish (one keeper). By the time he left mid day was getting crowded. Crowded on rim road, but we camped way north of there. Few other campers where we were, but lots of ATVs running around. Drive out Sunday afternoon was typically heavy traffic on rim road and dusty. Took 45 minutes to make left turn in Payson as traffic was backed up all the way to Star Valley.
  4. MuggyMan

    Credit card hits

    Finally after 2 years no tags, got javi and turkey!
  5. This is the best thread and story on here in a long time. Congrats on going the distance, and thank you for sharing it with us. Awesome stuff.
  6. MuggyMan

    Hunter’s Big Chance 2019

    Good luck Hunter!
  7. MuggyMan

    Last Grizzly in AZ

    Seems there was a thread about this not that long ago, but I can't find it. If anybody can help me out I'd appreciate it.
  8. MuggyMan

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    Was in 4A for archery deer last weekend. Didn't see any deer, but one antelope in the forest, 2 bear sightings, and a dozen elk. All the bulls I saw were still in velvet, but did find a few fresh rubs. Had a close encounter with a bull on Saturday just before sunset and he got vocal. one bugle in the middle of the night, and about 30 minutes of bugling at sunrise. It's get.ting close
  9. MuggyMan

    An Early Monsoon!?!

    Drove through a deluge about an hour ago in Chandler
  10. MuggyMan

    Steven Rinella

    +1 on American Buffalo. Awesome read.
  11. Now that my 2018 elk dreams have been shattered, my thoughts turn to deer. Thinking I want to start applying for Kaibab hunts. For those with experience there, do you recommend early or late hunts and why? What are the pros and cons of each?
  12. MuggyMan

    Back Surgery & Elk Hunting

    I have issues at L2,L3and L4. Trying to avoid the surgical consult, but I think it's just a matter of time....
  13. MuggyMan

    New Cardinal's QB

    That is not funny
  14. MuggyMan

    New Cardinal's QB

    Josh Allen has the best arm by far, and he definitely has a chip on his shoulder. Lamar Jackson is the most athletic and can run the ball. Problem is, every third pass or so is way off target. I like Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield as 2 best in this draft. I don't think the Cards have much chance of getting one of the top 4 QBs in this draft. I don't think they should try to trade up to get a top 5 pick for a QB as they have too many other needs - O line, wide receiver, tight end, cornerback. In fact, I think they should maybe even trade down and get an extra 1st or second round pick. They could do that and get one of the lower ranked QBs. I really like Kyle Laletta - he lit it up at the senior bowl, and his film looks good. We could get him in the second round or maybe even 3rd. Then the Cards could use their first pick to address other need
  15. MuggyMan

    Vortex Kaibab HD 15x56

    If sale falls through I'll take them.
  16. MuggyMan

    New Cardinal's QB

    So they won't be any better than last year? That sucks. I hope you're wrong. What's it going to take to be better than 500?Number one a good and healthy quarterback. I would make that number 2 actually, number 1 being a good offensive line. Bradford has a better arm than Drew Stanton and better than Blaine Gabbert. So if he can stay healthy....
  17. MuggyMan

    New Cardinal's QB

    So they won't be any better than last year? That sucks. I hope you're wrong. What's it going to take to be better than 500?
  18. MuggyMan

    New Cardinal's QB

    I agree. Bradford is just a bridge guy. They're only signing him to one year contract with a second year option. It doesn't matter who they signed until they fix that O-line. Why sign a big $ QB only to have him get beat up? And if you spend all your $ on the QB, then you don't have any $ to fix the O-line and get another receiver and tight end. Worst case, Bradford gets injured again. Best case, he stays healthy and lights it up. We'll see. In the meantime, spend the money you saved on fixing the rest of the team.
  19. MuggyMan

    Kaibab - early vs. late hunt?

    Thanks. I will.
  20. MuggyMan

    Kaibab - early vs. late hunt?

    Thanks Lance. If I draw a tag I will contact you.
  21. MuggyMan

    Day One Results

    Yup. It takes very little time to run. Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!
  22. MuggyMan

    Day One Results

    Is it over?
  23. MuggyMan

    Cabelas Anaknak vs Traditional Canvas

    Rossislider, I'm curious what you decided to go with? After this year's elk hunt in a summer tent with temps in single digits, I won't do that again.
  24. MuggyMan

    2018 elk regs

    We had the late 4A hunt. As for success rates, the posted success rate was 25%, and we had 4 of us with tags, and filled one tag: 1/4 so for us the success was right on with the posted rate. Tough hunt. Also the driest I've ever seen. 80 to 90% of the water holes were dry. My truck had a thick film of dust inside and out. Full moon, super moon made it really tough, and the elk were only moving at night. With 5 minutes of shooting light left on day 4, Adrian caught a couple bulls sneaking in to water. got a nice young 6x6, unbroken which surprised me for this time of year.
  25. MuggyMan

    Late rifle who's getting ready?

    I have 3 more shifts to work then heading up!