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  1. MuggyMan

    Monday Check in

    Yes I did. But I'm done with that. No more crazy endurance days for a while. Next 9 weeks I'm focusing on cutting and recomp
  2. MuggyMan

    Monday Check in

    I wanted to do something different to celebrate my birthday today. So I climbed the world's tallest building...3 times. The Burj Khalifa in Dubais is 163 floors. I did 489 floors on the stair master in 2 hours and 15 minutes 1.54 vertical miles
  3. MuggyMan

    Post them up!

    I just spent 4 days in 4A (not a great deer unit to start with). I saw one buck, a forkhorn, the entire time. Rained 7 of 10 days, standing water everywhere. So sitting water was pointless. Just checked, and still only one buck reported in 4A.
  4. MuggyMan

    4A update

  5. MuggyMan

    4A update

  6. MuggyMan

    4A update

    Just spent 10 days in 4A for OTC archery (never loosed an arrow, but did draw on a muley buck the first day. He heard me and took off before I could aim. Only buck I saw all week). I did see a ton of elk, mornings and evenings. It rained 7 of the 10 days, a total deluge last Tuesday I think. Roads were soup. Waterholes overflowing. For those of you with archery tags, it's getting close. Fresh rubs everywhere. Heard one bugle one morning last week then nothing. However, Monday night after I went to bed heard them bugling for a while. I'll post some pics
  7. MuggyMan

    Monday Check in

    Had a slice of cake for breakfast. IIFYM
  8. MuggyMan

    Monday Check in

    I've lost 37 pounds since May 1st. Just over half-way to my goal of losing 70 pounds.
  9. MuggyMan

    Monday Check in

    I haven't had an adult beverage in like 2 months
  10. MuggyMan

    Monday Check in

    I killed leg day yesterday. I know cuz I was walking all wobbly-legged back to my truck. If the cops had seen me they probably woulda given me a breathalizer.
  11. MuggyMan

    Monday Check in

    Really rough week at work last week. I was a slug on Saturday. Didn't lift, didn't get my steps in. Ate 3700 calories! Major fail. Back on track. Only ate 1300 calories yesterday. Leg day yesterday. Directional lunges, leg curls, superset calf raises and goblet squats, back extensions, reverse hypers, hip thrusters, walked a mile on treadmill at incline 15, 10 minute max effort finisher on stairmaster. My calves look shredded. If I could just get the rest of my body looking like that
  12. MuggyMan

    Monday Check in

    Just had my yearly physical. The doctor said my labwork is the best its been in 10 years.
  13. MuggyMan

    What’s the best camp chair?

  14. MuggyMan

    Monday Check in

    Yeah that stairmaster kind of like a drug. It's evil
  15. MuggyMan

    Valley Soaking

    Drizzled a little in south Chandler