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  1. QCwtAddict

    Favorite frame/pack for elk hunting?

    I've had an exo for a few years and really like it but if I was going to try a new pack I'd probably get a kifaru. Had a mystery ranch and wasn't too impressed, had an eberlestock but it was too heavy, and used an outdoorsmans optics hunter for a few years but it wasn't comfortable when packing elk quarters.
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    Sent you a pm
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    Lightly used triclawps $80 located in coolidge, work in Tempe
  5. QCwtAddict

    New fire?

    Apache sitgreaves updated on Facebook around 3:30 that it was up to 300 acres and chevelon canyon ranches on "set" for evacuation
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    Sold please delete

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    How long until cards are hit??

    A just got a text that azgfd hit my account for a deer tag
  8. QCwtAddict

    How long until cards are hit??

    I put in for a hunt that is usually a guaranteed draw and haven't had a cc hit, my dad and brother put in for the same hunt and nothing for them either. Of all my friends and family that hunt I only know 3 people that have got hit. I dont believe it's over.
  9. QCwtAddict

    Wtb decoy for archery lope

    Sold last year
  10. QCwtAddict

    Arizona Special Big Game Tags

    As mentioned above these are the 365 day super raffle tags just under a new name. Nothing really has changed except the name
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    No it's not
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    Best open Reed elk call???

    Get a handful of them and see which work best for you. I like the Steve Chappell series that rocky mountain makes. Have you tried the phelps mouth reeds? They have a chart showing which ones will be easier to use. Might be worth a shot
  15. QCwtAddict

    Card Hits!

    I just got hit at 4pm for an elk tag too