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  1. QCwtAddict

    Go Vote

    Were the official counts of all ballots actually done that night or was there a large enough lead that the races could be called that night? I'm not sure if I am old enough to remember that time.
  2. QCwtAddict

    Go Vote

    Florida doesn't allow early ballots to be dropped off the day of the election and I believe the cut off for mailing in early ballots is the week before the election. This allows for the early ballots to go through the verification process before election day which speeds up the process.
  3. QCwtAddict

    Go Vote

    Tomorrow is the holiday and they said in the press conference at 4 that they will be working through the holiday and weekend
  4. QCwtAddict

    Timney elite hunter

  5. QCwtAddict

    Timney elite hunter

    Helping a friend sell this Timney elite hunter remington 700 trigger. New in box, never installed on a rifle. He says it was factory set at 3 pounds. $125
  6. QCwtAddict

    Iso h4831

    I found somebody willing to sell me some h4831. Sending a pm about the rl17.
  7. QCwtAddict

    Iso h4831

    I have 57 140 grain berger vld hunting and 150 of the 150 grain hornady sst
  8. QCwtAddict

    Iso h4831

    Out of stock by time I saw this
  9. QCwtAddict

    Iso h4831

    I'll have to look this afternoon but I think they are all 140 grain.
  10. QCwtAddict

    Iso h4831

    Trying to find some h4831 to buy. I dont have much to trade but a partial bottle of rl22 and rl17 and I think I have some 270 bullets berger and hornady
  11. QCwtAddict

    Draw Results

    Mine hasn't showed up either. I figured it will probably take a couple days for them to update bonus points
  12. QCwtAddict

    Wtb decoy for archery lope

  13. QCwtAddict

    Wtb decoy for archery lope

    I have a few from my hunt last year. I have one that mounts to a bow and a Montana decoy. I'll dig them out and pm you with pictures later this afternoon
  14. QCwtAddict

    Bino question

    Yes you can shoot a bow with the marsupial harness on. I upgraded from a badlands to the marsupial enclosed harness last year and it was a great decision. Their rangefinder pouch is great too.
  15. QCwtAddict

    Customer ID on the New Draw

    Anybody look up their customer id and go to apply but it said you had already applied? It happened to my brother.