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  1. QCwtAddict

    Looking for recommendations for a Pellet Smoker

    I've had a pit boss classic for about 2 months and so far I've been pretty happy with it. The ability to slide the heat shield over to grill over an open flame is nice but I havent used that feature much. If you're gonna do much smoking you're gonna want to get a pellet tube to add some extra smoke but that's true for many of the different brands. I feel like it's a great grill of you're looking for a budget friendly option but if I had more money to spend I probably would have looked closer at the rec tec or higher end camp chef models.
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    2008 hoyt katera 28"

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    Mystery ranch beartooth

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    2008 hoyt katera 28"

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    Mystery ranch beartooth

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    Virus perspective

    1.25 million globally per year Roughly 38,000 in the US per year
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    Anyone else get their Stimulus Check?

    We had to pay this year and yesterday when I looked it up on the irs website it said that we were eligible but they didnt have our bank info.
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    Effects of the virus scare?

    Anybody else see this from azgfd https://www.azgfd.com/game-and-fish-commission-to-meet-by-telephone-tuesday-april-7/ The Department will provide the Commission an overview of statewide restrictions on accessing public lands in response to COVID-19 and will discuss law enforcement capacity with these restrictions. The Commission may provide the Department direction on this item.
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    Mystery ranch beartooth

    Shoot me a text 480 294 3521
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    Mystery ranch beartooth

    Yes it is
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    I replied to your pm earlier. Text me 480 294 3521
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    Coolidge and I work in Tempe
  15. QCwtAddict

    Mystery ranch beartooth

    Coolidge and work in tempe