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  1. QCwtAddict

    Tag donation options

    We are gonna try to donate my wife's archery cow tag. I am aware of AES hunts for heroes, but I'm also curious what other organizations are out there.
  2. QCwtAddict

    Mullins bull VS A3 bull

    Hes already dead. That's the mullins bull
  3. QCwtAddict

    WTB Ulmer Edge Trophy Taker 100 gr

    A friend of mine shot a bull at 60 yards with the sevr broadhead last year and I was pretty impressed with the penetration and blood trail.
  4. QCwtAddict


  5. QCwtAddict


    Still available price dropped to $100
  6. QCwtAddict

    WTS Kuiu superdown

    Price drop $125
  7. QCwtAddict

    Kifaru Outdoor Research

    If the sale falls through on the gun bearer I'll take it.
  8. QCwtAddict

    Raffle bull

    Not likely
  9. QCwtAddict

    WTS Kuiu superdown

  10. QCwtAddict

    WTS Kuiu superdown

  11. QCwtAddict

    WTS Kuiu superdown

    I was wrong there are a couple faint blood stains near the right pocket and on the same side near the bottom. But no tears or snags that I can see
  12. QCwtAddict

    WTS Kuiu superdown

    kuiu superdown jacket size medium in verde. Good condition, no snags or tears or stains. $140. Located in Coolidge, work in Tempe.
  13. QCwtAddict


    Azgfd had this "conserve and protect" campaign before capaz was formed
  14. QCwtAddict

    Tranny guy needed (no not that kind sickos) UPDATE

    Was quoted a price at another shop that was highly recommended but the warranty company required me to take it elsewhere because of some certification. The extended warranty would only cover up to 2000 and the final price ended up being almost twice the price quoted from the first shop. When I picked it up I immediately told the owner it wasn't shifting right but he assured me it felt different because of they used a heavier duty torque converter. After I think a week or two I took it back for a required check up and the lead tech said something was definitely wrong with how it was shifting, the strong vibration at lower rpm in the top 3 gears and said they had found some metal shavings in the pan so it was gonna need to be rebuilt again. The owner was on vacation but when he got back the following week he called me irate saying I needed to come pick up my truck, that the lead tech doesn't know what he's talking about and that he was the only one there that knows about those transmissions. Roughly 60,000 miles later the transmission still hasn't failed me but still makes a continuous grinding sound everytime it downshifts into third gear until you come to a stop and still has the strong vibration. He also refused to take payment from the warranty company but didn't bother telling me until the truck was ready to be picked up. So I had to front the money and wait to be reimbursed from the warranty company.