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    24v troller, 80# plus wanted

    No batteries. It was on a boat bought new in 2018. Probably has 20 trips to the lake. No hour meter on the trolling motor.
  2. bigj23

    24v troller, 80# plus wanted

    I have a 36V, 112# Fortrex for sale. $600
  3. bigj23

    Outdoorsmans bino adapter question

    I use the small. This allows me to just leave it on all the time and remove the whole adapter from the tripod through the plate. The small fits in the swaro case attached. Eliminates the chance of misplacing the adapter when separated from the binos.
  4. bigj23

    Anyone else hate HOAs?

    They also review on Google Earth.
  5. bigj23

    FREE Camo

    Thanks a bunch. Should fit my son well with some room to grow.
  6. bigj23

    FREE Camo

    I will take this for my son if available. Let me know.
  7. bigj23

    20B December Rifle Mule Deer

    There are good bucks in 20B but you have to look. Archery hunters were definitely a factor last year. On this hunt you will face them every day being so close to the valley and expect them to blow a deer or two you are looking at. I did the same for my son last year giving him my December 20b tag and was out archery hunting the day after he killed in 20b along with multiple days after that. I know 20b well from pig hunting every year, so that is why I put in for the unit. It can be tough with all the Jeep and atv traffic. I would prefer 21 but 20b worked out. I know 17b we’ll also and put in for that unit as well. There are some big bucks in there and not near as much traffic, which makes it nice. For this unit you trade drive time for less atv and Jeep traffic, along with less archery hunters. Either unit has opportunity, you just have to wait for the bucks to start moving. Good luck and let me know if you need any help.
  8. bigj23

    2019 Youth Deer Hunt Success

    Very cool. Nothing better than watching your kids succeed.
  9. bigj23

    Ranger Bass Boat

    What Ultrex do you have? 36v?
  10. bigj23

    Fire Ban

    Any update on the fire ban? I have not seen anything posted.
  11. bigj23


    A Head of the Game Taxidermy. I have known Mike Vacarro for over 30 years and he does a great job. He has done all of our mounts and one more on the way. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. https://maps.apple.com/?address=9487 W Camino De Oro, Peoria, AZ 85383, United States&auid=8510924934373958958&ll=33.697772,-112.263430&lsp=9902&q=A Head of the Game Taxidermy&_ext=ChoKBQgEEOIBCgQIBRADCgUIBhDfAQoECAoQABImKdYbEG292EBAMTjNPH00EVzAOVTxNcnj2UBAQUyXxJWDEFzAUAM%3D
  12. bigj23

    Anyone else get their Stimulus Check?

    Got mine just in time for turkey!!
  13. My boys play it every day. First thing I hear when I get home is what they killed and if it was with a bow or rifle. Game is a good teaching tool, including the fact other hunters can be challenging sometimes.
  14. bigj23

    Youth Turkey?

    We are headed to 23 for the week. Shaping up to be a good week in the woods.
  15. bigj23

    Opening Day Buck

    When I found out I drew a late rifle mule deer tag I knew it was an opportunity to shoot a good buck but I decided I would rather watch my son give it a whirl, so I donated the tag to him. We made a few scouting trips and were real familiar with the area from multiple pig hunts over the years. Last week we saw multiple does but no rutting action or bucks in the area, but we knew they would come as they always do with time. Seems like the hunt was here in no time and we were loading up for a quick day hunt with a plan to spend most of our time hunting after Christmas. We headed out opening morning and the full moon had the deer bedded early. We found a couple does and three herds of pigs. The rest of the day was slow until the sun started to set. As the sun was setting we found two sets of does but no buck. We made one more move to a place bucks had been in the past and we quickly found a rutting buck with two does. His neck was swoll up and he was tearing up the trees. Once I saw the front view and how wide he was I knew it was game time. My son took one look at the buck and said “let’s shoot him.” We closed the distance to 340 yards and he put him down. There was no shrinkage when we walked up to him and he was bigger than I thought he was going to be from the quick view I had. I couldn’t be happier or prouder of my son for staying calm when it counts and willing to work hard to get it done. My younger son was there as well without a complaint and he can’t wait for his turn. Big thanks as always to my buddy Brian for all he does for me and my boys. We have had a lot of success together and can’t wait until the next one. Next year he said he wants a coues after shooting two nice mule deer. See how the next chapter goes.
  16. bigj23

    Looking for Unit 5A info

    I will be helping with 5A cow tags there. It is a great unit and should not be a hard tag to fill. I killed my last two bulls in 5A and spend time up there after the hunt. Bulls should still be talking and have some cows.
  17. bigj23

    UTV Rifle Carrier/Case?

    I use the one AZ8 posted. It works great in the Ranger. Been on many hunts in some rough country and never had any issues.
  18. bigj23

    Swarovski/Nikon Binos

    The meet was actually set up last week on Tuesday or Wednesday and you pushed it back waiting on your truck, long before they sold on EBay.
  19. bigj23

    Swarovski/Nikon Binos

    Had a deal with Phillyd044 to meet today at a set price and he informs me this morning he sold them on EBay for less. Use caution when setting up a deal with him.
  20. bigj23

    Fishing at ROSY

    There lower parking lot is pretty much covered. Big spawning flat now.
  21. bigj23

    Hornady 6.5 creed eldx ammo

    Guess I can’t pick them up Thursday. Thanks for the return message.
  22. bigj23

    Hornady 6.5 creed eldx ammo

    I will take it if it is not sold and you are in the Phoenix area.
  23. PullRite Super Glide 2900 - $475 This is a auto slider fifth wheel hitch / 5th wheel hitch that rotates back when the trailer turns. No rails. This is great for short bed trucks. It is rated for 18,000 lbs. Pics in the link below. https://offerup.co/kVY8PtPzx4
  24. bigj23

    ISO Polaris General wheels/tires

    Buy RZR takeoffs. You will be happy with them.
  25. bigj23

    Hunt Draw issue

    It pulled his information up as he has drawn a few times. It is on the second section where it asks if you have a social and you put it in and dots show. I accidentally put mine there. Couldn’t see it and didn’t think about it until after I submitted.