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  1. mdt

    unit 9 maps

    Gentleman, I appreciate your input! Good Hunting
  2. mdt

    unit 9 maps

    thanks for the reply. I dont think the south Kiabab map covers the whole unit? Is a flat line map the way to go?
  3. mdt

    unit 9 maps

    Short of buying a flatline map, is there a good blm or forest map of unit 9?
  4. mdt


    Thanks... I will let him know!
  5. mdt


    I have a friend who submitted online. Is it possible for him to pull up his hunt numbers and choices?
  6. Hi Wet Mule , what would you compare the recoil to?
  7. The 223 dies aer #10 shell holder, RCBS SB T/C Die Set $55
  8. I enjoy the discussion. Thanks for the time and insight. If things go badly...I will get back to you "firstcoueswas80"! I love the entrepreneurial attitude
  9. my family will keep her in our prayers! keep the faith BLE
  10. I was worried about not being able to get them again. I imagine if the legislation passes we wont.
  11. I just bought 3 pmag 30 rnd clips and I think I got gouged. they were 50 $/ea and a 223 reloading die for 55?