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  1. This unit has new batteries and a car charger but no 110v charger. The charger would probably be available on line at the Johnny Stewart web sight. The only slight problem is that the cassettes are a little difficult to eject, so one might have to pull it out. I will include two tapes--squealing bird and cotton tail rabbit. I am asking $60 plus $14 shipping. Total: $74. Email me at dball534@charter.net if you would like a picture.
  2. dball01

    FS Johnny Stewart 612 Pro. Caller

    Hi Will-- Would you be willing to ship the caller to St Louis? I would like to buy it. How about 50 bucks plus shipping costs? Thanks, Don
  3. A nice rifle I bought new back in the 70's. Killed an elk with it in 1978, but haven't used it much since, as a mag is really not needed in Missouri for deer. It has Sako scope rings, but no scope. Could send pictures if you email me at dball534 at charter.net. I'd say the condition is excellent. Asking $995.
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    I am interesting in the Citori. What would be the shipping to St. Louis?
  5. Just checking to see if you still have this caller for sale....