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  1. StanB

    17 points or more?

    I think there a lot of hunters building up a lot of frustration along with a lot of points. At some point you just have to ask yourself what you want, points or tags? With all the western 'lotteries', a hunter (especially out of state) is extremely lucky if he gets to go on one or two top-tier hunts in the same state in his life. It's sort of ridiculous, but that's the game.....
  2. StanB

    Arizona Unit 27 Archery Elk

    Looks like a mix of points for different folks to draw 27 this year. I got in with just 4.
  3. StanB

    Arizona Unit 27 Archery Elk

    Cohntr6, sounds like we need to talk.....pm sent Stan
  4. StanB

    Arizona Unit 27 Archery Elk

    Looks like my credit card got charged by AZ, my first choice was for Archery Elk in Unit 27. I've never hunted in there before and would appreciated any input regarding elk numbers, hunter numbers / density, effects of the Wallow fire, 2013 moisture so far, etc. Thanks in advance!! Stan