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    22 Points

    What unit(s) do you know better? Are you an accomplished archer? Remember you can find quality bulls in every unit, but more in some. 23S can be a rough hunt, but sounds like that's not an issue for you. I haven't hunted 23S, but know some who do and they find those large bulls every year in those deep nasty canyons. Either way, I can't believe you waited 20 years (or more) for a bull tag! That's a long, long time, too long IMO. My son drew a September rifle bull tag when he was 15, a year after he took an elk with a juniors tag in 6A, so you just never know who will get those September rifle tags! I will say that a late September rifle tag was a lot of fun in 5BN back in 2008. With that many points I'd probably put in for unit 9 archery, and consider where else I'd like to go aside from 9 and forgo a rifle tag... unless archery isn't really your thing. Unit 1 & 27 used to be my favorite units prior to the Wallow Fire. I haven't hunted there since... family does, but like said before, it's just not the same, perhaps never will be. Either way, good luck, you've waited a long time!
  2. 1uofacat

    First Elk!

    Good job! You'll remember that for a long time...
  3. 1uofacat

    Late hunt unit 8

  4. 1uofacat

    Late archery success

    Good choice on not passing up the spike! Sounds like you earned it, especially for that hunt, and a young bull like that should be great eating. Congrats! I can't say it gets easier, but a September tag typically gives you a lot more opportunities than what it sounded like you had.
  5. 1uofacat

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    According to NOAA, there is up to 11 inches forecast as possible in the Flagstaff area from now through Sunday. Typically we won't see near as much as prediction models indicate. To me, the snow isn't so bad (aside from limited visibility during storms), but the wind would be very disheartening. I think I'll use my smoker on the porch this weekend on some elk backstrap! Best of luck to those braving the elements!
  6. 1uofacat


    Those were some great pics, too bad they were all 4 years ago!
  7. 1uofacat

    Unit 10 no luck

    If you're seeing fresh tracks, but not elk, try cow calling... make a "stand", call for 15 min or so. It can work.
  8. 1uofacat

    Bull Elk are Tough!!

    Evidently! haha Below you can see the entrance wound on my bull (not a real good pic for that, but you can make out where it is). The exit wound was a mirror of the right side (broadside 37 yds). We had very little external blood so the blood trail on this bull was almost non-existent, however the arrow was a complete pass-through including the top half of the heart & shearing ribs on both sides and the chest cavity was full of blood. The arrow just missed the humerus on both legs (just above it). This bull went about 200 yards and was dead w/in a cpl minutes. Second pic shows the "L-type" cut typical of many single bevel broadheads as they pass through tissue.
  9. 1uofacat

    Bull Elk are Tough!!

    Swhacker for a frontal shot? It's possible he had a good angle and the bull just got his head in the way, but if he was shooting at a quartering toward him or frontal shot with an expandable broadhead I'd say that's a great mentality to have if one doesn't care about contributing to lost animals. Expandables can work well on broadside shots, but that angle looks suspect.
  10. 1uofacat

    4B Archery Bull success! ...and a miracle

    great story, and you're right on regarding waiting before tracking an animal you can't see. One of the worst things you can do is to push an animal that's been hit by an arrow, especially a bull as tough as they are. An hour is what we wait, minimum, but that all depends on the circumstances. If it's raining, you probably need to change your tactics, and for gut shots, you may want to wait for several hours, but each situation is different. Congrats!
  11. 1uofacat

    We did OK

    looks like you did better than "OK"! Great job!
  12. 1uofacat

    Tough hunt

    3-bladed broadheads are the worst for penetrating hard tissue/bone. I had a complete pass-through on a satellite bull, however my setup utilizes a single bevel broadhead on a very heavy shaft. Arrow went through both shoulders, but down low, and right through the upper half of the heart. My bull went about 200 yards, but was probably dead within a minute or two. It wasn't a huge bull, but was bugling trying to get cows away from a bull that had cows I was chasing, so I decided to take him instead. The bugling in unit 8 was very active the entire season. We experienced more bugling for longer periods of time as the season went on, but never had "quiet" days. We had other issues to deal with like lightning caused fires as well as controlled burns. Sorry about your lost bull, many of us have been there too.
  13. 1uofacat

    Unit 8 hunting camp?

    Our camp was at the corner of 110 and 11. There was a huge camp right before we got there... toy haulers, pull behinds, tents, & 5th wheels, upwards of 40 people or more I'd guess. That said, they left it pretty clean. It only took us one small bags to pick up what they left behind. Not bad...
  14. 1uofacat

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    Elk are talking a lot in 8 right now, but quit after about 7:30-ish in the morning and don't start up until late afternoon/early evening. Hunting bulls is so much fun this time of year!
  15. 1uofacat

    Unit 10 Cow Elk

    There may be some bugling, but don't count on it. Likely some at night or before daylight, but that all depends on the cows and if their cycle is running late. Typically by that time they're done. That said, bulls bugle all year long so you may want to send out a "location bugle" to see what happens. If you do hear a bugle or two, it's quite possible that the bulls will be solitary by then. Funny story, my wife had a December unit 10 cow tag in '05 and it was spitting snow (her first hunt in a while). She got cold and asked me to just "call one in" for her. I told her it doesn't quite work that way, especially in December, but after insisting I gave it a try (cow calls) and sure enough called in a herd of cows where she proceeded to take a very large one. You just never can tell...
  16. 1uofacat

    19A questions, help

    they didn't, but once they tell you (as they did me) that will hold up in court... or so I'm told. Also, since it had been established I knew exactly where I was... (with Onx) No, and that's the problem. The new ranch manager is Brent, son's name is Clancy. I've been the first at a fatality on a snow-covered highway w/kids in the car... not a pretty site. We stayed there until units arrived, which was a little while. Thankfully the FD/state police (in Vermont) let us leave/drive through before they started extracting... it was midnight, but the kids were wide awake and very curious...
  17. 1uofacat

    19A questions, help

    Well, I did not tag a goat, but finally did get a shot on the last day (spot/stalk). There's a lot of water in 19A now due to all the rain, including more that was added the first 3 days of the first hunt, so sitting water was basically worse than a crap shoot. Also, the bucks were not quite in the rut and using decoys even after getting as close as possible did not work for myself and a few others that I met in the field. BTW, two comments that anyone hunting antelope in 19A needs to know: 1) The Fain Ranch does not allow hunting on their property 2) Corner Hopping IS LEGAL in Arizona I had a run-in with the Fain ranch manager's son on Sunday. It's a long story, but basically he blew my afternoon hunt trying to run me off of state land because I "corner hopped" to get there. His opinion was corner hopping was not legal in Arizona. Afterwards, the G&F got involved and basically set him straight that; 1) corner hopping in AZ is legal as there is no law saying it is not, nor has there ever been any court case in this regards, and 2) any hunter that corner hops on state land has every right to hunt on state land, regardless of adjacent private property owner's wishes. BTW, hats off to Virginia who is the WM for the unit, she's a great advocate and supporter of what we do! That said, he pretty much screwed up an afternoon hunt, and given we only have seven days, it hurt some. I heard repeatedly that in the past the ranch manager didn't mind people hunting on the Fain Ranch, but the current ranch manager won't allow it. Plan accordingly...
  18. 1uofacat

    Archery Antelope Roll Call

    Hard to sit at water when there's water everywhere due to all the recent rain! I never had a shot while sitting on water, but spot/stalk was more productive.
  19. 1uofacat

    Elk arrow locked in

    yes, of sorts! A very large "BULL" :)
  20. 1uofacat

    Archery Antelope Roll Call

    same here, & it's likely going to be wet.
  21. 1uofacat

    2018 Rut Predictions

    The rut, by most accounts, does not depend on the phase of the moon, the temperature, or the weather for that matter. While I'm not a biologist (although almost made that choice some 40 years ago), I've learned rut occurs when cows come into estrus and the bulls bugle to warn other bulls to stay away. It's been postulated that cows come into heat based on the "length of day" more than other factors. That said, the rut depends on the cows, not the bulls. The bulls may be bugling to locate other bulls and advertise themselves to cows that may or may not come into heat regardless, but the intensity of the rut depends on cows... imo... When other factors like hunting pressure or rain come into the mix, it can certainly change things and put a damper on activity, but that has no bearing on when cows come into estrus. Note that cows are only "in heat" for 12-24 hours I believe, so that's something to keep in mind. When a bull has a "hot cow" in his harem on one day, it's likely that the next day it's over for her. That doesn't mean bulls won't be talking to each other to keep tabs on whereabouts, but the herd bull's "tolerance" to other bulls change with his cow's state. I also am a subscriber to the idea that a cow in estrus will be bread by more than one bull during her cycle. Also, she may have more than one cycle/year if she doesn't become pregnant the first "go-round". That explains why satellite bulls hang around a herd bull's cows... in the hopes that they too may get a chance to breed with the bull's cows when they come into heat. This would explain why a rut appears to be GREAT some years when we're in on herds over a period of time when several cows come into their cycle over a few different days or week or two. The bulls will be going crazy because it's "prolonged" especially if several different cows are going in and out of heat. For that same reason, if more cows than not DO NOT go into estrus that year, for whatever reason, or perhaps we're not within earshot of those herds during the time their cows are in heat, then the bugling activity appears to be less because we simply missed it. That would be sad for a bull if all his cows came into heat at the same time... it'd be great for a day, than nothing for 3 or 4 weeks! hahaha (as I recall, cows can have a cycle every 3 or 4 weeks if not pregnant). My 2 cents...
  22. 1uofacat

    Monsoon report

    I was in 8 this past weekend and some of the roads that are typically impassible are "finally" that way again (wasn't the case 2 weeks ago). It only takes a week or two of dry weather for them all to open up again, so access shouldn't be a concern soon. We also had hail/rain Saturday too.
  23. 1uofacat

    19A questions, help

    Awesome! hunt there... a lot! BTW, I know of one buck that was standing guard over his herd of does this past weekend when another smaller buck came near.
  24. 1uofacat

    19A questions, help

    well, I did say I thought it was funny, the other part was due to me not having a lot of experience with you. Not that it matters, but it's all good...
  25. 1uofacat

    19A questions, help

    Either you're a first class smart***, or there is something wrong with you. Obviously, (almost) nobody is going to give a second thought to what other's think during their antelope hunt, so I personally found that comment pretty funny. If it's the second... well, that's possible too as you seem to come across as fairly crass at times... but I don't really know you. If that's the case I don't really care either... 6-1/2 days!