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    Blinds & Hunting Ethics

    Here's my general feeling regarding blinds archers set up before or during hunts: I've heard of individuals who set up/have blinds at several locations at the same time, and am sure it's not uncommon, especially for archery antelope Not every blind left in the field will always be occupied Just because someone sets up a blind at a tank in advance, that act alone does not give them "exclusive hunting rights" at that location As with other situations, IMO, hunting in a particular location is a "First Come-First Serve" situation, and that goes for sitting at water holes or on trails, whether or not an unoccupied blind is already there. If someone beats me to a location to hunt, then I go to another spot, and expect others to do the same thing While I don't generally leave portable blinds set up out in the field, I know some do. That said, I would not use another's portable blind if I came across one while hunting Posting a sign at a "parking location/trail head" that one intends to hunt there (in the future) falls into the same category... a posted sign on public property does not give anyone "exclusive hunting rights" to that location. Again, it comes down to, "First Come, First Serve" as far as I'm concerned. If someone posts a sign at a "parking location" that they are already at a tank, and a vehicle is there, then I'll go to another location as they were there "first"... I'm interested in other's opinions on the topic
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    19a Az first hunt !

    Personally, I think you should only scout on the ranch as I won't be spending the cash and would rather you hunt there as opposed to public land! Also, if you would please, when you see good bucks, try something new and unexpected... walking straight at them when you have public land right behind them. It will confuse them so much that they will just stand there and let you walk up to within good bow range as nobody ever does it! ...& if by some odd chance it doesn't work for you on any given day, it may help others so it's a win-win! All kidding aside, best of luck!
  3. 1uofacat

    Back Surgery & Elk Hunting

    I had a 4 level laminectomy in early Feb, '11. It went well, but was a long recovery (12 weeks out of work). I also followed doc's orders and by September was able to chase elk with a bow in a very limited fashion. I didn't connect that year, but I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to carry much if I had. My back is now basically fine, and for the most part doesn't affect me much other than soreness every now and then (just as "sheep" said above, will never be the same, but for myself it was that or never walk again). My avatar pic was taken in 2010 about 4-1/2 months before the surgery and it was all I could do to carry just that much... had lots of help though. Best advice I can give is don't wait too long and stick with your surgeon's recommendations afterwards! I have a friend who had a similar surgery to what you described as needing right before I had mine and he pushed it a lot during recovery. He also actually went skiing the next fall against everyone's recommendations, said it was "OK", but he could only make one run... He basically pushed it all the time, and now only has a good day a few times a month! Therefore, don't "push it", listen to your body as everybody is different too. Best of luck!
  4. 1uofacat

    Fire watch 2018

    good website Yep. I won't lie. This is going to be the year that makes me glad I gave up wildland firefighting. The Beast will be hungry this year. It's May 2, 2018 and snowing right now in Flagstaff... not much, but it is wet at least. We sure do need the moisture!
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    G&F Proposed Rule Changes

    Take heed, lots of things in this. https://s3.amazonaws.com/azgfd-portal-wordpress/azgfd.wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/27140635/Article-3-NPRM1.pdf Among the changes are... No “live-action” trail cameras… I assume they mean those that send electronic updates etc., but not sure if this is the case. Many use images from a “live action” trail camera so what does this mean? No more trail camera use? (pg 34) They are also proposing no trail camera use w/in 1/4mile of a “developed water source.” Also, no use of drones in the aid of taking wildlife (does anyone do that?) Also a wide-scale approval of 30# bows for big game now as well as approved use of “ceramic or metal covered ceramic” cutting edges on broadheads with 7/8” cutting surface (width is same, but bison is still requiring a 40# pull). No live satellite images. Haha, wouldn't we love to have access to that? GAME AND FISH NEWS March 27, 2018 Article 3 rule changes subject of public forum, webcast Thursday Game and Fish Commission proposes to amend rules for taking, handling of wildlife PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Department will host and webcast a public forum on proposed rule changes within Article 3, “Taking and Handling of Wildlife,” at 6 p.m. Thursday at department headquarters (Quail Room), 5000 W. Carefree Highway, Phoenix. The webcast can be viewed at www.azgfd.gov/webcast. Topics of discussion will include proposed changes by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission pertaining to trail cameras, pneumatic weapons, drones and “smart” firearms, among others. Questions can be asked in-person in the department’s Quail Room, or submitted by e-mail during the forum at questions@azgfd.gov. All public comments about the proposed rulemaking will be accepted through April 15 by: E-mail: rulemaking@azgfd.gov, or jcook@azgfd.gov. U.S. Mail: Arizona Game and Fish Department, Attn.: Jay Cook, Regional Supervisor FOR6, 7200 E. University Drive, Mesa, AZ 85207. Telephone: Jay Cook, Regional Supervisor FOR6, (480) 324-3540. The final rule will be presented to the five-member commission at its May 4 meeting at the Mohave County Board of Supervisors Auditorium, 700 W. Beale St., Kingman. To track the progress of this rule, view the regulatory agenda and all previous Five-year Review Reports, and to learn about any other agency rulemaking matters, visit https://www.azgfd.com/agency/rulemaking/.
  6. 1uofacat

    Unit 10 Early Archery!! -Big Bo Ranch??

    Not having the permit isn't a problem... until you want to access and can't! Just get it and be happy with your decision. Know you may not need or want to be hunting near the "outfitter turnpikes", but the fringe areas could be huge as well as not having to worry if you do need the extra access.
  7. 1uofacat

    Camp Navajo

    Either last year or the year before the NAD put archers and rifle hunters in the same area at the same time due to "activities" they said were going on reducing the overall area. It was a disaster for some archers (a friend of mine had an early archery tag). Rifle hunters fared better, and given you have a rifle tag even if that happened again, while you'd have 2X as many hunters in your "area" as you thought there would be, most would make it work. At least you have a tag and therefore a "chance" at a good hunt. I've hunted adjacent to the NAD for years in unit 8. If interested I'll share what I know... pm me.
  8. 1uofacat

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    They issued the tags I (& probably most others) thought should have been issued last week... 20 antlerless. For those 20, it's like finding a Christmas present you never knew you had!
  9. 1uofacat

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    Ha easiest fix for them. Without any repurcussions. either that, or another "draw" occurring today!
  10. 1uofacat

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    So, does "John Q Public" get thousands of additional acres to hunt elk? If those are "extra" tags that wouldn't have been included otherwise, then I'm good with it. Yes "John Q Public" does actually get thousands of additional acres to hunt elk because of the Hopi allotment. It is some of my favorite elk country to hunt Northern Pintail...your internet browser is probably the issue regarding not being able to use the "quote" buttons... try logging in with Firefox or perhaps Google Chrome. Good to know regarding additional access, but allow me to play the "devil's advocate" here for a moment, if for no other reason you understand why I have felt the way I have. Regarding Pintail's reference to 4BNorth, there is no 4B North general or archery hunt, only "Limited Opportunity 4B North tags. There is a "Limited Opportunity" 4A North Hopi Hunt where 25 tags are allotted to Hopi Hunters as well as an additional 25 tags available to anyone applying. Interestingly enough, only 6 Hopi Hunters applied for those 25 tags in 4A North. In 5A North there were 25 tags allotted to the same type of "Limited Opportunity" Hopi Hunt, but not one Hopi Hunter applied for those tags as apparently nobody wanted them! There were also 30 tags available in the 5B North "Limited Opportunity" Hopi Hunt, 24 of which were taken by Hopi Hunters. That's fine IMO. Now, let's talk about the rest of the Hopi tags... There were 54 rifle elk Hopi tags and 25 archery elk Hopi tags in units 4A, 5A, and 5B North, plus 1 any elk Champ Hopi tag in 4A this past draw. Keep in mind most of these tags are bull tags. Aside from the 11 Youth tags (all of them issued to Hopi Hunters), there is about a 3:1 ratio on bull to cow tags. That's a lot of general season/type tags that are only available to Hopi Hunters. Of these 80 general and archery Hopi tags, 8 tags were left over, so 90% of these Hopi tags were issued to Hopi Hunters, and one of those 8 left over was the Champ tag. Patrick, I have personally hunted a lot in units 4A and 5BN and never felt I needed (or wanted) access through Hopi lands to hunt north of the rim. Hunting the Flying M ranch was a good add in 5BN though! I'm glad to hear some at least find an advantage using that access, however I'm not convinced access for some is equivalent to 80 tags. Did you draw a tag this year? Do you see a lot of hunters using that access? Not being argumentative, but rather trying to find out as I actually don't know. As I recall, there were also 15 antelope tags issued only to Hopi Hunters. Perhaps access for the antelope hunts is/would be most helpful, and perhaps "equivalent".
  11. 1uofacat

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    In the past, the G&F need your app to be delivered the mail on Saturday... you do the math to get it delivered to their office on the day they are not there. If they get it Friday, they return it (too early). If they get it on Monday, it's too late (they do it first thing Monday morning), but if it gets delivered on Saturday, when they're closed, you're in the "mix".
  12. 1uofacat

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    So, does "John Q Public" get thousands of additional acres to hunt elk? If those are "extra" tags that wouldn't have been included otherwise, then I'm good with it.
  13. 1uofacat

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    I read guys losing their minds, figured there was gonna be like 100 leftover tags per unit. I look, 1 tag. Lmao Well, if I recall correctly, you drew a tag this year. How would you feel if there was a bull tag left over for your first choice? but these are cow tags Yes I know, I don't particularly like the Hopi tag allotments, but that's a separate issue (at least almost every year there's an archery bull tag left over...). The issue is here that even cow tags are quite a "gift" for many people and to be given a bonus point instead of that tag, when you correctly applied for that tag, is wrong.
  14. 1uofacat

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    I read guys losing their minds, figured there was gonna be like 100 leftover tags per unit. I look, 1 tag. Lmao It is hilarious until your kid put in for that hunt as a first or second choice and were instead given a bonus point. Not saying it was my daughter who would have gotten that tag, but there is no good excuse for there to be a "left-over" tag if someone who put in for it didn't draw. It this case it is probably well over 1000 that put in for most of these and didn't get drawn.even if they decide to figure out who deserved the tag next in line all of your kids are still gonna get a bonus point and the one kid is gonna get a tag. Only difference is this way whichever kid ends up getting it doesn't have to use points to get it. You guys are still missing the point. Whoever gets it as a left over, even if it is my kid, is not the personally who rightfully should have gotten that tag. Someone (once again, I am not saying it was me or my crew) got screwed over. How are you guys okay with that? I get your point and totally agree... there is an issue here.
  15. 1uofacat

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    I read guys losing their minds, figured there was gonna be like 100 leftover tags per unit. I look, 1 tag. Lmao Well, if I recall correctly, you drew a tag this year. How would you feel if there was a bull tag left over for your first choice?
  16. 1uofacat

    Late Archery Bull... Whose been successful?

    TJ has been running the draw for the G&F these 30 years!
  17. 1uofacat

    Results up!

    It's a little different if you're talking 3c. They split the hunts up this year He is talking about Unit 1 cow tags. Same exact hunts last year had 3k applicants for 600 tags. This year each had 1 extra. Something doesn't sound right...
  18. 1uofacat

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    No, they dont. When you apply for a leftover tag and are not successful they just send your envelope back return to sender without cashing the check. Thanks for the clarification. It doesn't make me any less annoyed with AZGFD. I believe that in most forums I am a big supporter of AZGFD. While that won't change, this aggravates me. Someone or someone's kid was next in line and should have gotten those tags. I agree, too many people over-react without knowing all the facts. Finishing 2 or 3 weeks early sounds great, but not issuing tags to applicants who did everything correctly is something they can never get back.
  19. 1uofacat

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    Should have applied with a check or money order... :/
  20. 1uofacat

    Results up!

    Well, someone has to get them. I assume those are Sept. rifle tags? We've had those in the past... super hunts!
  21. 1uofacat

    Results up!

    Congrats! I have the same antelope tag! This draw took every one of my 19 bonus points though! To top it off, it's been 10 years since the pic (in the avatar) of me with a bull tag in 5BN, but I guess this was my year, Finally! Unit 8 Sept. archery.
  22. 1uofacat

    Day One Results

    That trophy hunt is fun! In 2007 my son took a cow in a junior's hunt with a bull 20 yds away bugling and asked me to put him in for a bull tag the following year. I obliged by putting in for the Sept. rifle tag (5BN that year) and junior’s tag second choice. Wouldn’t you know it, he drew one of the 25 coveted tags! Needless to say he took a nice bull opening day.
  23. 1uofacat

    1 Day!!!

    last year the portal was up on 3/27, cards were first hit 3/17.
  24. 1uofacat

    1 Day!!!

    G&F Portal Postings = "Plus-size individual identifying as a female" sings... until then, anything is possible!
  25. 1uofacat

    Day One Results

    Pac8541, sorry to hear that, but that's one of the reasons I haven't put in with CC #s for a cpl years now. We're all human and can make mistakes. What happened to me a cpl years ago was outside of my control and happened w/out my consent (bank canceled my card randomly almost a week after the cutoff date on a year the actual draw did not take place the following morning due to "issues" with their "consultant"). Of course, zero recourse for anyone that happened to as those of us simply became "statistics". You may be able to get a leftover tag on the NAD (assuming there are some), but there's issues there too as I heard last year they put all the archers and rifle elk hunters in the same area at the same time... Other than that, there's Colorado or Utah... Sometimes there is a tag or two left over from the Hopi elk hunts. I know someone who years ago actually picked up one of those tags on the leftover draw.