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  1. Been scouting & hearing bulls in 8 until almost 8am.  I'm sure as time goes on it'll get better.


    Camp is almost set up, & it's so nice to have a bull tag again!  Lots of feed, water is not sparce, and the weather seems to be finally cooperating/getting cooler!


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  2. Mine is a 2003 GMC Quadrasteer 1/2ton HD 4x4 Denali crew cab.  It currently has 170K & going strong (bought it used w/30K miles).  It turns like a mid-sized & pulls trailers excellently with the quadrasteer capability. 


    Personally I wouldn't trade it for anything.  It's too bad GM got greedy with this option early on turning many sour on it, but I've had zero issues with it in 18 years.


    Good luck on your search.

  3. Reading through this thread, everyone should remember that the G&F could have just ignored it, so give them credit for doing the right thing.  While some may have figured it out concluding they should have drawn a tag, my guess is most probably would not have...


    Thank you G&F for taking ownership of the mistake & "correcting it!"


    (my two cents...)


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  4. Mapshare users can send messages first.  I also have the Garmin Explorer + & have had it for several years.  I've not had any delays in connecting to satelites etc. but this also depends on clear unobstructed  access to skies.  I like the gps feature because it confirms location etc.

    The only drawback is size/weight, but realistically that shouldn't be a concern for hunters who are likely carrying a bunch of stuff anyway (I'm hardly an "Ultralight" backpacker!).  I like the overall operation though, zero complaints & zero concern for communicating whenever or wherever I need to!  I send a lot of preprogrammed (free) messages too.

    I hunt with others who also have an inreach & its easy to send back/forth messages where there's no cell coverage.  These things are great, but get something, whatever you decide.

    Nothing against the mini2, but its only $50 more for the added mapping feature.  Personally, I wouldn't trade my Explorer+ for a new mini2 if you also gave me $100.


    Good luck on your choice.

  5. btw, the Motorola radios say they work up to 24 miles, but that's largely not true.  Count on 1/2 mile in the woods through trees etc, but not through or over hills.  They are great for talking on road trips between vehicles, within a mile though, or while fishing on a lake & calling from shore.

  6. What are you trying to do?  Range?  Hilly area?  Line of sight is necessary for basic radios, but if you want to bypass all that, get an InReach satellite communicator.  All you need is to see the sky/satellites etc.

    I have Motorola FM radios, they're ok, but limited range (1/2 mile realistically).  I also have Yaesu FT23R (HAM radios) that I've used to communicate up to 30+ miles, but had basically line-of-sight.  The "2 meter" handheld radios will out-perform the other handheld types, but does require a license (that's not that hard to get).

    My InReach tops them all, & it's not really that expensive, just use it wisely!

  7. 8 hours ago, trphyhntr said:

    One time I sat in one in the summer and it was cooler inside.

    Also the dudes setup was in a draw and I could shoot out the top of it to the side hills. But mostly cuz it was more comfortable to me. 

    I agree, in warmer weather they can get very warm to hot inside & the roof "window" acts like a vent for heat... it helps anyway. 

    I have a Double Bull from 2005 in Predator green camo & wouldn't trade it for any other.  Primos did seem to cheapen them up & that's a shame.

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  8. 20 hours ago, bigorange said:

    Not holding my breath. Knowing my luck my envelope is still in a mail truck and not even in the office yet. 

    that would succk, but you'd probably never know that happened.  My kids drew leftover deer tags in 4A several years ago, but typically would just get the onopened app back... like almost everyone else!

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  9. On 3/10/2023 at 12:22 PM, Newbie2012 said:

    There's also fraud with pre-paid cards. Nothing is fraud-proof. 

    Scammer goes to Fry's and removes the card from the packaging and swaps it with a card he purchased and cloned. You activate and add funds to the "new" card, he proceeds to use the money via the cloned card.

    Scammer skims the magnetic strip on the card and puts it back in package. You then activate and add funds on that card. Scammer has the info and your money. 


    Don't you also need the pin# that's covered on the back of those cards to use it/get access to the funds?  If so, when purchasing it you could see a card has been compromised.

  10. I can imagine a lot of potential issues with this "better" process.  It's rather odd the results were already posted for etags, but not the rest which will likely change for the next draw.  For those who are signed up, great for you to find results a few days before the the rest though.


    Regardless, I too will stay with the actual department tag issued for now.

  11. 4 minutes ago, eddielasvegas said:

    I drew an antlerless tag for my 3rd choice 2 year ago.  Does that count?

    I was as surprised as anyone my 3rd choice was drawn.



    it's very odd is all... could be those 3rd choices were from rejected cc charges