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  1. I can imagine a lot of potential issues with this "better" process.  It's rather odd the results were already posted for etags, but not the rest which will likely change for the next draw.  For those who are signed up, great for you to find results a few days before the the rest though.


    Regardless, I too will stay with the actual department tag issued for now.

  2. 4 minutes ago, eddielasvegas said:

    I drew an antlerless tag for my 3rd choice 2 year ago.  Does that count?

    I was as surprised as anyone my 3rd choice was drawn.



    it's very odd is all... could be those 3rd choices were from rejected cc charges

  3. 18 minutes ago, Curtis Reed said:

    I don’t own a CC.  Never will either. 

    I don't either, banks own them, but they do have a use & many here as well as I do use them.  Several are zero interest for months now, & basically all are zero interest when its paid off monthly, not to mention relatively secure regarding fraud (by that I mean you aren't liable for fraudulent charges if you pay attention).


    Personally I preferred sending in money orders, but those days are long gone so you have to adapt...


    That said, sorry for your loss, that really sucks.

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  4. I will say this much, for those with tags, we've been hammered with snow this year up north.  Looks promising so far with moisture so you've likely got that in your favor too!


    Hopefully the summer rains don't disappoint either!

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  5. 4 minutes ago, trphyhntr said:

    posters in their own stage of grief. Lotta denial  

    so true... 


    btw, I'm not bitter, just honest.  Having a father/son tag combo can make a lifetime memory as it did for us 5 years ago.  Carp diem!

  6. 1 minute ago, andrewmilich said:

    Archery Elk hits for my son and I.  FINALLY.  so thankful.  still holding hope for antelope.  But hey I am blessed today.  Sorry to the hunters who didn't get drawn.  I know the feeling and it pretty much ruined my week when I found out I didn't get drawn...many years in a row.   

    not to sound bitter, but seriously... nobody here who's on the short end of this draw wants to hear you're still hoping for a goat tag with an elk tag in your pocket...


    That said, congrats for you & your son, I've been there before. 


    Zero for nine here, 8 of them elk apps., and nothing too crazy either. 

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  7. I have a 14x16 cabin tent with a wood burning stove and have to agree with this logic.  My stove is a cheaper unknown brand, about 12x12x24", but it sure does make sleeping nice on cold hunts!  Cooking on it goes without saying.  


    I've used it with temps outside in the teens and was so glad we had it.  For warmer hunts I've used propane heaters instead & they were adequate, but then again the lows were in the mid 40s & mid 70s for highs.  I also always had a CO monitor though for the propane heater.

  8. Corner crossing IS LEGAL in AZ!  I had an archery antelope tag in 2018 & was basically harassed by the ranch managers son on the Fain Ranch.  I corner crossed to get to a water hole on state land & the "kid" ruined my afternoon hunt stating I had trespassed.  He called the G&F who met him, then told him he was wrong & to leave hunters on state land alone or face prosecution. 

    She (WM) left her business card on my truck asking me to call her that evening.   I did & she told me corner crossing is legal in AZ & if he harassed me again I should press charges & the G& F will back me up.


    I was using OnX to do so as nothing was marked or fenced in the area.


    Feel free to PM me if need be.

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  9. 2 hours ago, ctafoya said:

    Hoping for a late hit. I'm checking my card every 30 minutes since yesterday morning. 

    We actually had a late hit last year, one at the beginning, & the other during that night... I'm sure my joy was a result of someone else's anguish!  lol 

    I am not expecting lightning to hit the same spot twice though.

  10. 1 hour ago, trphyhntr said:

    I’ve been drawn with 9 and 10. So I guess it makes sense I need at least 11.

    probably more than that to "expect" a tag nowadays... 


    As Tom Cruise said in the movie A FEW GOOD MEN, " And the hits just keep on coming..."


  11. 1 minute ago, Southernhive said:

    Is it safe to assume that if my cc was not hit yet, then I missed out on this years elk tags? Congrats to the lucky ones who drew a tag this year.

    yes... perhaps some tags issued to a few for declined cards, but that's probably it.

  12. On 2/12/2022 at 5:03 PM, PRDATR said:

    What makes you think older breakers aren't rated for Phoenix? Just curious. It was still fairly common for tract homes to have 100 amp panels with screwin fuses into the 70's.

    I didn't read the panel had screw in fuses.

    As far as breakers go, it's complicated.  Breakers are designed to only protect the circuit wire, not devices connected to them.

    While older breakers may have a 75degC rating, commonly the terminals had a 60degC rating.
    I've read that breakers are typically tested and calibrated at 40degC. It's not that the breaker wasn't rated appropriately, but when the "weakest link" is rated lower, you must use that as the overall system rating.  Also, the wire must be rated to match the terminal/breaker ratings. 

    When a test is conducted they test each pole of the circuit breaker by connecting the line and load terminals of that pole with rated copper conductors. When the terminals are marked 75degC that is the rating of wire that must be used. When the terminals are marked 60degC then 60deg rated wire must be used.
    Know too that the wire acts as a heat sink for the breaker. If the wire used is 90degC for example, then the wire adds to the heating of the breaker causing it to derate which essentially moves the trip curve resulting in the breaker being unable to carry its rating & potentially fail.

    We don't know what the breaker was doing if & (assuming) when it failed, so it's all guessing at this point.  Either way, hopefully the terminals, wire,  & breakers are all rated appropriately.  If they are all 75C, that corresponds to 167F, whereas 60C is only corresponds to 140F.  I'm guessing that an older home may not have the higher "system" rating  especially given it sounds like the lighting was put on the same circuit as kitchen outlets.

    Remember the issue I'm referring to is heat on the panel.  If the electrical panel was mounted facing the Phoenix sun, know metal can reach close to 200 degrees F during the day (depending on paint, outside temperature, wind, etc.).  I personally caught electricians installing 60C rated breakers/terminals in my house in a panel that faced the morning to noon sun, which was a code violation.  They changed them after I discussed this with the electrical inspector for Gilbert (who agreed with me).

    60C is probably ok if the panel is never in the sun btw.  Overall, given what was posted, I'm only guessing it's a breaker issue, & possibly related to an overloaded circuit.

    BTW, I'm not an electrical engineer, but rather a mechanical engineer with electrical experience in both design & construction. 

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  13. Old houses didn't have dedicated microwave circuits (if really old).  Besides, if it did he'd have to remove it to unplug it, therefore its a countertop microwave plugged into an appliance/convenience outlet.

    Lights should be on a different circuit, depending on who wired the house (may not be wired to code), so its weird an outlet affected lighting.

    Is only kitchen power out?  Sounds like a breaker failure.  Old house, old breakers, probably not rated for the Phoenix heat too helping along failure issues.

    Interested in the outcome, keep us posted.

  14. 2 minutes ago, Newbie2012 said:

    It was requested back on 12/29/2021. 


    good to know, didn't see that after looking on the G&F site.  Her overall "non-support" comment is still valid however, imo.  She could have simply said something like we're still obtaining comments. 


    Also, "canceling" hunts should be FRONT PAGE news, and it certainly did not appear to be that to me.

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  15. Personally never found my 10x40s were ever in the way when archery hunting.  I appreciate the extra magnification, & unsurpassed clarity to the edge of the glass, especially in low light conditions.


    Then again, I also have been known to carry my 15x60s around my neck, but supported by my backpack.  Of course all my optics have quick disconnects for my Manfrotto tripod.

  16. I was out sick for a bit, but heard about this 2 weeks ago & sent in my thoughts right away.  My comments not only supported managing these species through hunting, but also asked for the G&F to explain why Amber made such comments without asking for feedback from those of us who pay their salaries.  In addition I asked them to explain how the G&F can ensure this type of "non-support" of the hunting community doesn't happen again & why no public feedback from the hunting community was requested!