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  1. That was a real question. It’s not the end of the world. Like I said yesterday I wish my life was so simple that the draw being late a big deal.
  2. I’ll be honest with you. They could care less how mad people get. I promise everyone that is acting like the draw being late is a big deal will apply next year.
  3. Just out of curiosity I have to ask why are you so “disturb” that the draw isn’t done?
  4. NoBull350

    Poacher gets Nailed!!!!

    We all have our Demons 🤷
  5. NoBull350

    Poacher gets Nailed!!!!

    That averages out at $306.66 an animal. That guys public defender must have been a bad butt!
  6. NoBull350

    Have Hornady 6.5 mm eldx bullets want rl 23 powder

    Still available?
  7. NoBull350

    Trail camera rule changes!

    Finally someone that understands this! Great post!
  8. NoBull350

    Lion time!

    You can call me the lion king! Mother fukr !
  9. NoBull350

    Lion time!

    I don’t know why i quoted Azbigloser
  10. NoBull350

    Lion time!

  11. NoBull350

    GameStop Craziness!!

    Hounds are way out of trphyhntr’s skill set.
  12. NoBull350


    I don’t usually post kill pix but what the helll if people can post pix of a lion with an arrow in the side of its face guess it won’t hurt. They don’t grow them much bigger than this in Az!
  13. NoBull350


    Thanks guys. Yesterday was a memory non of us there will ever forget. It shows that you don’t just dump dogs out and run a lion up a tree a mile later. When it gets cold I’ll put them in kennels in my garage. They usually fly out of the garage like rockets. Today they didn’t even want to get up. Then again either did I lol.
  14. NoBull350


    Well after an 7.5 mile race into a nasty canyon the dogs finally got this Tom to bluff up. Tyler was the first to the bluff when it saw him it went up a tree. Then bc777 and some kids got there and those kids got a little excited and loud and the sorry lion jumped the tree and went another 200 yards in some nasty steep ruff stuff before dogs were able to push it up a tree for the last time. We had chased this Tom last year in November when a buddy of ours glassed him up durning a late elk hunt. He did almost the same exact thing as he did the first time but this time he had a full belly and we still had a skiff of snow left. The Hunter took this lion with an air cross bow pretty sweet set up btw. After the pack out we were all burned out and we decided not to chase #2. My puppy with the green tracking collar is going to make a dog this is the Second lion tree he has been at and he was treeing like a boss! The red x pic shows where the dogs treed .
  15. NoBull350