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  1. BackwoodsHunter

    Lion Down

    A buddy of mine met up with Dale Robertson this morning after stumbling on a lion kill yesterday, They let the dogs loose and 45 mins later had a cat treed! Just like that, cat down with a bow…I don't hear many stories of lion hunts happening like that, but wow that was lucky! Another deer killer down.
  2. BackwoodsHunter

    NEW designs for 2015

    Maverick351, Thanks for the feedback. Just one question though, have you ever bought a hat? Most fitted hats are on upwards of 35$…Id love for Chasen the King to sponsor this website its a great site that i love visiting, however i am not the owner of the company, just a member of the team. Happy Hunting.
  3. BackwoodsHunter

    NEW designs for 2015

    Hey guys Chasen' The King has new hat designs for 2015 that are looking pretty sweet. They are available on our online website! Check out the page please even if you don't care for a hat, sticker, or shirt! Thanks and enjoy Link to the website: http://www.chasentheking.com Link to our online store: http://www.chasentheking.com/#!apparel/c20nd Heres a few, plus many more on the website!
  4. BackwoodsHunter

    Best time to start

    Last year was my first serious year of bear hunting...wow it's tough. Lie stated above, food is key. Glass early and glass late on the fall hunts...in 5 days of bear hunting I found 23 bears. I was with 2 different guys that each killed a bear and I even got the opportunity to shoot at a good bear. I'll warn you, it's addicting have fun!
  5. BackwoodsHunter


    sat and sunday saw the same little muley fork pushing 4 does. waiting on his big brother to show up....
  6. BackwoodsHunter


    Friday Saw 2 big Coues running together and a few groups of does, each having a little Buck or two in tow.
  7. BackwoodsHunter


    Watched 2 bucks sparing this morning, No bucks pushing does though.
  8. BackwoodsHunter

    rifle coues

    You drew potentially one of the best wt tags in the state, go scout! You'll find em
  9. BackwoodsHunter

    WTB Bivy

    It's a sort of tent/sleeping bag used for backpacking
  10. BackwoodsHunter


    Any guess when the rut will start? Later or earlier?
  11. BackwoodsHunter

    WTB Bivy

    Looking for a bivy sack, nothing special just something cheap. LMK what you have.
  12. BackwoodsHunter

    Late Nov. Tag Filled

    Great buck! Nice job on not giving up and finding him, looks like it payed off.
  13. BackwoodsHunter

    Wyo freak

    My dad was lucky enough to harvest this Freak in Wyoming 2 weeks ago on a rifle hunt within just a few hours of the hunt starting!
  14. BackwoodsHunter

    Rain for the next 3 days

    Deserve2beworked I've been down in the junipers glassing, have heard a few but nothing like a good rut should sound.
  15. BackwoodsHunter

    Rain for the next 3 days

    I think I'm the only one in 6a....it's wet lol