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    The T C Hawkens is sold 😉
  2. Edge

    Where am I?

    Wrong side of the tracks, out Moderaterville way.
  3. Edge

    Still some good people out there!

    Don't you hate that feeling when you can't find your wallet? Due to a communication mixup I left my ATM card at a station in Clints Well couple weeks ago. But dropping your wallet with cash in it at a parking lot and got it back intact? I think you got lucky, shoulda bought a lottery ticket.
  4. Edge

    Happy Birthday America!

    Have you done a DNA test? I did mine with Ancestry.com and was instantly linked. I highly recommend it unless of course you're a fugitive.
  5. Edge

    Happy Birthday America!

    Some others in the family did a lot of research long before I came along. If one served in the military or had a stable residence they would have dozens of records from being drafted, married, pensions and census reports. Here's one of my ancestors revolutionary war pension docs.
  6. Edge

    Happy Birthday America!

    I've been working a lot on the family tree. Interesting tidbit from the Civil War, I had a great grandfather x 3, that left NC to serve in the Union Army while his father and uncle both fought in the confederacy. All three survived the war although my great grandad x 4 took a musket ball to the femor in the battle of Antitiem. I have identified 4 direct ancestors so far, whom fought in the American Revolution. The amount of documentation from their drafting or commissioning, to their widows benefit applications is staggering. One of my 7th great grandfathers and his son both fought in the Revolution. The senior received his commission of 2nd It. in the American Navy. He survived the war and fought again in the war of 1812. He was one of thousands of American seaman to die a POW held in England.
  7. Edge

    Free rooster

    Why no pics of your cock? Asking for a friend.
  8. Edge

    Patagonia Lake

    Must be the times we're in...
  9. Edge

    Patagonia Lake

    Great fish but please hold them out in front of your face next time
  10. I like people who can laugh at themselves, you're ok.
  11. Your confused. It hurts from quantity not quality
  12. Does ur butthurt cuz of your gayness?
  13. Cheapest option is sell it where no testing required.
  14. Edge

    WTH is the Black National Anthem??

    Anytime politics is allowed to enter into sports, that league begins a long spiraling journey down the sewer drain.
  15. Edge

    WTH is the Black National Anthem??

    I quit watching NASCAR when they came up with restrictor plates, 1988. Something inherently wrong when you make race cars slow down. NFL, NBA, thanks but no I'd rather watch old westerns and laugh at actors that can't ride.
  16. I had a similar situation with my TC Renegade. The metal tips on the factory ramrod are threaded in a shallow fashion onto a wooden dowel. I removed and sanded the glue off the wood, epoxyed the tips back on. A pin through them tips would've been a good idea too.
  17. Edge

    Elk rescue

    When I saw the story on the news, I had to double check the location... https://kyma.com/news/kyma-com-category-news-yuma-county/2020/07/01/wellton-firefighters-assist-with-unusual-rescue/
  18. Edge

    Elk rescue

    Weave my Pasonic fiend alone
  19. They come off on the Renegade and Hawken https://www.trackofthewolf.com/Categories/PartDetail.aspx/667/1/PLUG-TC-F-16-3
  20. Edge

    .243 for mulies?

  21. Edge

    Results up on AZGF Portal.

    Used same for elk last year...figured I should give em a fighting chance. My bad... Elk 1 Edge 0