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    22N Day After Thanksgiving Bull Hunt

    Need help? I'm up here chasing the Bulls
  2. backwoodsjeeper

    Trail cam success

    Went up north this weekend to check on my 3 cameras and sure enough I got the same group of bulls on all 3 different cams... Even have a couple of bears showing up too. Here's a few pictures. Luckily they've been showing up everyday sometimes 3 times a day I have over 3500 pictures between the three cameras. Two of the locations are their daytime bedding areas.
  3. backwoodsjeeper

    Monster unit 8 buck!

  4. backwoodsjeeper

    Got my first lion on camera

    Sweet picture, time to start calling!
  5. backwoodsjeeper

    oracle camera stolen

    First off let me start by saying that if you left your camera....... 😂🍻 Watch out for the cwt police
  6. backwoodsjeeper

    Trail cam success

    No prob! I'll upload some more tomorrow
  7. backwoodsjeeper

    Trail cam success

    Thanks man, it took me hundreds of hours and multiple camping trips to finally find a spot like this can't wait for November to come around.
  8. backwoodsjeeper

    Bulls Are Frisky

    (I blame this on CAITLYN!!!) You just made me spit my drink out while driving!!! Hahaha 😂😁
  9. backwoodsjeeper

    Hopefully not your cam!

    I screwed a tree. I just got out of jail... Did 83 years...
  10. backwoodsjeeper

    Fraud on my account...

    While out in mexico my father and I where discussing the elk hunt well sure enough I check my account and boom!!!! Best fraud ever 🍻🍺
  11. backwoodsjeeper

    Fraud on my account...

    Ha just a little.. We were sitting there and all of a sudden I got a fraud Alert from BofA so of course I log in and sure enough it was AZ g&f
  12. backwoodsjeeper

    Wolverine in California

    It's ok guys, I called Liam neeson. He'll fight them off bare handed just like in "the grey"
  13. backwoodsjeeper


    Can you call me please, I'm interested in your quad 602 809 2507
  14. backwoodsjeeper

    truck train horn

    Still got the horn?
  15. backwoodsjeeper

    The trembling giant

    Lets bring it to phx! http://movies.eventful.com/the-trembling-giant-/M0-001-000053054-6#movie-details
  16. backwoodsjeeper


    have you ever worked in construction? We do directional drilling here in town and install fiber optic, electric cable etc we can help you out so you wont have to come here empty handed.
  17. backwoodsjeeper


    I seen that Cabelas had a few openings I would go to the game and fish website here in or the office to see what the have open. Wish you luck welcome to az
  18. backwoodsjeeper

    Foxpro Spitfire

    still have it?
  19. backwoodsjeeper

    What are these?

  20. backwoodsjeeper

    2014 archery javy!

    good stuff man!
  21. backwoodsjeeper

    Pay it forward - I will start

    Guys this is truly an awesome thing to witness its nice to know that there's truly this many respectful hunters who love to spread the joy of hunting! I'm glad I am a part of this community
  22. backwoodsjeeper


    My little sister would live that! Just got her a 410 for Christmas!
  23. backwoodsjeeper

    deer on a Packard

    thats a cool picture! Im going to start hunting in my suit and tie
  24. backwoodsjeeper


    Wow! Congrats! That's freaking awesome I'm jealous
  25. backwoodsjeeper

    New Years Day Buck

    Thats awsome man Congrats! great way to start the year! what unit is that in?