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    Mathews VXR 28 bow RH

    What is the manufacture date and where are you located?
  2. CJNAZ

    Sold Honda EU 3000 for a EU2200

    PM inbound
  3. CJNAZ


    I'll take the one for the P238. Will send you a PM.
  4. Time to retire the old Honda quad. 1994 TRX300 4X4. It has been an absolute workhorse, but she's tired. Looking for information from owners of newer Honda quads. Rancher, Foreman. Not convinced I want to buy new, so am going to be looking for a newer used machine. 2013 - 2022 models. Any suggestions of what to look out for regarding issues/problems that I may be able to identify while looking in-person at one? Appreciate the feedback
  5. CJNAZ

    Anyone own a newer Honda ATV?

    PM sent
  6. Got a P0087 error code on my 2015 RAM 2500 the other day. Fuel Rail/System Pressure Too Low. Truck runs OK just no jump when accelerating. Hoping it is the lift-pump and not the high pressure pump. Huge cost difference between the two. I've changed fuel filters religiously since new. Truck is parked until I find a good honest repair shop/person in the East Valley. I dread the idea of having to go to a dealership and hammered in costs, since dealership repair shops are their big cash-cow. Has anyone on here had any interactions with Dana Brothers in Mesa? I've talked with a neighbor who said they are honest and reliable but a bit costly. I know Bartling in QC has received some good mentions on here. I called them earlier and they are very busy and was told they are short-handed . Looking forward to hearing some feedback/suggestions.
  7. CJNAZ

    Any Tequila Drinkers here?

    I'm with Maximus. D-J 1942 is a very good anejo and won't break the bank.
  8. CJNAZ

    Pelican large transport case

    Where is are you located when not behind the 15's? Does it have a pressure release valve? I'm interested if the case is somewhat local. Thanks
  9. CJNAZ

    What's for dinner tonight?

    OZ3P - what oven setup are you using? Not sure I saw any info in previous posts.
  10. CJNAZ

    Anything I should know before buying a trager?

    I shopped around and went with the Camp Chef. Has a dump gate for ashes and one for pellets. Also purchased the propane sear box that mounts to the side. Gets mega hot. Great set-up for what I need and easy to use/maintain.
  11. CJNAZ

    Another early monsoon?

    Not sure how much of this is hype and how accurate this will be, but they are talking about an El Nino' this year. https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/el-nino-is-coming-and-it-s-more-dangerous-than-ever/ss-AA1be170?ocid=winp1taskbar&cvid=9723cf3fd41741628d7a924c1841bff0&ei=14
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    PM sent
  13. CJNAZ

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    bad news on the Bear Creek couple. Prayers https://ktar.com/story/5475905/bodies-of-arizona-couple-found-day-after-vehicle-got-stuck-in-floodwaters/
  14. CJNAZ


    Listing this for my brother. This is a well cared for trailer. The inside is clean and has a great floorplan. Canvas, windows, and zippers are all in great shape. Call or text my brother at the number below and he can answer all of your questions. This is a nice rig and you won't be disappointed. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/rvs/7548767461.html 1998 Coleman Westlake Popup. He is the second owner of this Westlake and has owned it since 2000. H installed a lift under the popup to allow going to more offroad camp sites. Everything works as it should. One note - the outside shower developed a slow leak after one winter so he unhooked it. No tears in any of the fabric. 2 spare tires. All tires are in good shape. Features include: - Shower - Sink - Cassett Toilet - Refridgerator - 3 burner stove - Propane furnace with thermostat - Hot water heater - Outside shower - 2 propane bottles - Fresh battery - Sleeps 6-8 - 20 gal fresh water tank https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/rvs/7548767461.html Contact Jeff at Nine7zero 2one6 ninesix2zero
  15. CJNAZ

    97 gen 3 Toyota 4R $900 or trade

    I'm in line as well. PM sent.
  16. CJNAZ

    Fatal 4x4 accident “stuck truck”

    Wow, I read the story on the GFMe acct. His wife and kids were in the truck when the hitch struck him. Can't begin to imagine the horror they went thru.
  17. This thread got me intrigued so I looked into buying some. There is both a marinade and a dry seasoning for Brazilian Steakhouse. Has anyone used the dry shake-on type?
  18. CJNAZ

    Line-X or Inyati or something else?

    PRDATR - an 8' bed and was $500.
  19. CJNAZ

    Line-X or Inyati or something else?

    FYI - Just had my truck done by Universal and am more than happy with it. Customer service was outstanding. Scheduling was very flexible. Job was completed in under 2 hours, from drive up to drive off. Price very reasonable. Product quality meets my expectations. 👍
  20. CJNAZ

    Newbs and non resident dont's

    Do NOT California our Arizona............
  21. CJNAZ

    Yet Another!

    Great looking cat.
  22. CJNAZ

    Spring draw

    January Javi!!
  23. CJNAZ

    Card hits??

    I'll be flinging an arrow or two (deer) in January!
  24. CJNAZ

    Card hits??

    I've been wondering when we were going to see a post about hits. Nothing for me yet.