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  1. CJNAZ

    SOLD - 1999 Coleman Pop-Up

  2. CJNAZ

    Costco is getting emptied

    3000 people die from this virus and the world loses it's sh!t……...300,000 die from obesity and what do we do, introduce a new flavor of Dorito's...…….
  3. CJNAZ

    Official Official Hit Thread

    Had 4pts.
  4. CJNAZ

    Official Official Hit Thread

    Archery 4A
  5. CJNAZ

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    Bad situation all around. At a minimum, if you did not do a signed bill of sale, and both had a copy, then it would be a very wise decision to seek out legal advice in advance.
  6. CJNAZ

    Credit Card Hit

    Updates to cards due by 2/27
  7. CJNAZ

    Update your credit cards

    Just got the email from G&F to ensure CC was updated by 2/27...…………………….tick tock - tick tock...…………….
  8. CJNAZ

    CC hits

    I got 2 hits on my credit card! Both for $13 each.
  9. CJNAZ

    SOLD - 1999 Coleman Pop-Up

    Price drop - TTT
  10. CJNAZ

    When I see javelina.....

    Guessing it was a pellet smoker such as Treager, Camp Chef? I spritz apple juice on ribs towards the end of the cook. Did you do something similar with these. They look fantastic and I am interested in trying.
  11. CJNAZ

    ISO: Camp Trailer

    Not sure if this is what you are interested in but it is still available and negotiable.
  12. CJNAZ

    ISO: Camp Trailer

  13. CJNAZ

    22 south muzzleloader elk

    Impressive!! Great effort to all.
  14. CJNAZ

    Weight Distribution Hitch recommendations

    Redman, and all who have replied, I appreciate all of the advice and feedback. This site is my "go-to" source for lots of info. Trailer weight is 5600lbs. dry Tongue weight with H2O and Propane is 335lbs. Cargo Carry Capacity for the trailer is 1530lbs. So based on everything I have learned both here and thru talking with distributors, I am going with a 600lb. tongue weight WDH w/sway control. Mostly for sway control. I've been made very generous offers (thx guys) for WHD's with heavier weight loads. Have learned that for how lite my rig is a heavier WHD will increase the potential of destroying the a-frame tongue of the trailer by putting too much stress on it, especially being 14 years old.