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    300 WSM

    I am helping a hunting buddy get into hand loading for his 300 WSM, this is a caliber that I don’t load for so if you have some load data please share it. Looking for recommendations for bullets, powder and primers. I think he has a savage long range hunter in 300 WSM. 22” barrel 10 twist And has been shooting out to 700 yard.
  2. Freakycamo

    300 WSM

    thanks for the info, after looking at my reloading stuff I found a box of 30 cal. 185 VDL's and some IMR 4350 I think that I have a starting point now. thanks again every one
  3. Freakycamo

    Closet clean out - arrow straightener

    that works for me
  4. Freakycamo

    Closet clean out - arrow straightener

    I will take the bow, you only want 30 $ for it ?
  5. Freakycamo

    Reloading Manual/ 25 cal bullets FREE

    I ll take the speer
  6. Freakycamo


    how fast does it go
  7. Freakycamo

    Unit 7 antelope

    Been scouting in the government prairie area and haven't seen the size of herds that I thought was going to be up there. Has there been some disease or something going through that area. Trying to figure out why they're such a low number of antelope or maybe the drought had pushed them into other units?
  8. Freakycamo

    Unit 7 antelope

    Hi all, just want to say thanks for all the info, the hunt was a success. My son and I went to the north/west part of unit 7w down in the flats and with the help of the new BTX-95 we were able to find some goats, after a 2 mile walk I was able to put a 400 yard shot on him. Dirt nap. I feel very lucky that we found them because most of the goats are still up in the trees. As you can see in the photo pack out was easy.
  9. Freakycamo

    Rings/base recommendation

    missing some info, 4-16 x___?
  10. I saw this on Fox this morning, I don't know how to copy the link. Were they hunters?
  11. Freakycamo

    Polaris Mechanics

    Code 25 is a Gear shift sensor fault.
  12. Freakycamo

    cva muzzleloaders inline and hawken

    pic's would help
  13. I am interested in your brass.
  14. Freakycamo

    Polaris Mechanics

    You can check for the codes, turn your key to ON 3 times, leave it to on position and it will go into diagnostic mode and give you the codes. That is how I found out it was the TPS.
  15. Freakycamo

    Looking for a .243

    + tikka
  16. Freakycamo

    Unit 7 antelope

    I got this tag with 16 points. I was thinking that i was going to see a lot of goats, but its been slow. I talked to the ranger for this unit and he said that due to the green up not happening this spring that all the animals moved looking for food and water in the forest. now that the monsoon as been dumping all the water I might have a chance for the October hunt, that is only if they return. he said that he has been doing fly overs and that he is not seeing the herds in the normal places. thanks for the help
  17. Good morning team I have a friend that got a used 338-378 Weatherby and he went a got 2 new boxes of 338-378 Weatherby. They say (guarantee) that if you use there ammo in there gun you will get 1 ½ MOA. We got about 3-4 inch group at 100 yards. I know for a fact that it is over pressuring the bolt is sticky, the primers are flatten, one primer fell out, ejector marks on head stamp. I am thinking it’s a fouled barrel so I started to clean the copper out of it. I just don’t about 338-378 Weatherby is this common for this gun. Looking for any help I can get or suggestions.
  18. Freakycamo

    Shotgun FS

  19. Up for sale is a Ruger American Predator (RAP) in 6.5 Creedmoor it comes with a Boyds laminated stock that has been aluminum pillar bedded and the barrel has been free floated. Comes with a muzzle break. Scope and bipod not included. This gun is a tack driver, load data will be provided. 150 rounds down the pipe. Comes with original Moss Green Composite stock and thread protector. Capacity: 3 Material: Alloy Steel Finish: Matte Black Barrel Length: 22.00″ Overall Length: 42.00″ Thread Pattern: 5/8″-24 Weight: 6.62 lbs. Twist: 1:8″ RH Grooves: 6 Length of Pull: 13.75″ $ 525 obo
  20. Freakycamo

    WTB tikka in 6.5 creedmoor

    Looking for tikka in 6.5 Creedmoor. The wife got a deer tag and need to get her a set up. Let me know what you have and how much. Thanks for your help.
  21. Freakycamo

    Vortex ballistic app

    Vortex ballistic app is offline and has been offline for a while now. I like having the field card because it small and I can put it in my pocket. I am old school and like paper. (I don’t always have my phone on me). I have been online to a lot of the bullet manufacture and scope manufactures and others, all of them work but they print out two 8 ½ x 11 sheets. (Too much paper). Looking for a ballistic app that will print me out a field card small so that I can put it in my pocket or tape to the side of my gun. If anyone has any recommendation please forward it. Thanks
  22. Freakycamo

    Vortex ballistic app

    thanks just got the shooters app, I will give it a try.
  23. Freakycamo


    I'm interested in the prep Center only so if you get somebody to buy the powder measure let me know thank you
  24. Freakycamo


    I put them in the reloading room. works great. Thanks again.