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  1. Freakycamo

    143 gr eldxs in stock

    Thanks I just got two boxes. They have lots
  2. Freakycamo

    2 rifles for sale.

    I'll take the Remington
  3. Thank you but I found some in phoenix.

  4. looking for Brass 6.5 Creedmoor (Once Fired). Thank you all, I found some down the street from me. thank you
  5. Freakycamo

    Seek Outside 4 man Tipi

    Pm price and photo
  6. Freakycamo

    Primers, bullets, powder

    I will take ccsf 223 powder and large rifle Magnum primers
  7. Freakycamo

    30 cal. Bullets for sale

    I will take the 210 s
  8. Freakycamo

    gun value

    Good morning all. My father is looking to get rid of one of his guns, but we don't know the value of it. He has an old colt ar-15 from about 1983 low round count and it has the carry handle and forward assist and he said that it also has the heavy barrel. Thanks all
  9. Freakycamo


    Do you still have.
  10. Thank you. Why not just call it a 209 conversion kit. thank you
  11. What is a Disc Kit?
  12. Freakycamo


    And the broom handle Mauser
  13. Freakycamo


    I will take the Ruger
  14. Freakycamo

    6.5 eldx projectiles (no longer) at midway

    Thank you
  15. Freakycamo

    Several Firearms

    I'll take the Savage Edge 223 if still available
  16. Freakycamo

    ruger sp101 357

    I like the Ruger SP 100
  17. Freakycamo

    SOLD Speer Hot Cor 500 count 6.5 Creedmoor #1441

    i will take them
  18. Freakycamo


    If you decide to separate let me know I'd be interested in the solvent tank
  19. Freakycamo

    Polaris Ranger spare tire

    I have 3 front rims and tires for Polaris Ranger they came off of a 2013. $40 each. all hold air.
  20. Freakycamo


    Mountaineer camper shell came off of a 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty long bed.50$ trevone on the bottom?
  21. good morning do you have room for one more on the shoot. if so please text them to  Bruce at 602-526-5561



  22. Freakycamo

    300 wsm load data needed

    Going to be shooting Berger 190 VLD and using H1000. I was hoping someone could help me out by giving me a screen shot of the Berger Book, For the load data for the VLD-190 for the 300wsm. any help would be appreciated. Called Berger and they don't return calls. Thank you
  23. Freakycamo

    Bullets/powder for sale & loaded .44 mag

    I will take the 22 bullets
  24. Freakycamo

    300 wsm load data needed

    Thanks for all the good input. and yes we will start low and work up from there.