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    Raising my family, firefighting, and hunting.

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  1. DIYFamilyMan

    What sunglasses do you wear?

    Smith "Directors" tactical black polarized. Strong, durable, reasonably priced. Very comfortable and often times forget that I'm even wearing them
  2. DIYFamilyMan


    I shoulda known this would happen!
  3. DIYFamilyMan


    Negative, just him
  4. DIYFamilyMan


    Eric Church... who else is going tonight?!?!
  5. DIYFamilyMan

    Monday Check in

    Whatchu draw mayne?!
  6. DIYFamilyMan

    A good man

    A good man was lost last night. I spent many hours and days sittin on a stool in his shop, listening and learning. He always had good advice if asked a question, and gave support if needed. I will always be appreciative of you John Jr. Decker. RIP my friend. And please pray for his family and loved ones.
  7. DIYFamilyMan

    Savage .338 lapua optional vortex razor

    Bump for a Good Guy Seller
  8. DIYFamilyMan

    Monday Check in

    Awesome! Congrats!
  9. DIYFamilyMan

    Monday Check in

    Sounds worth it!
  10. DIYFamilyMan

    Proud Parenting Moments

    6-27 here. The big 25 this year! Amazing woman to put up with me for so long.Congrats on 25! That's awesome to hear. This year will only be 3 years for my wife and i, 6 years together total. Our daughter however was born opening day archery elk season in 2014, obviously not planned that way haha. Our other 2 boys were clear of huntin season.
  11. DIYFamilyMan

    Proud Parenting Moments

    6/28 for me
  12. DIYFamilyMan

    Monday Check in

    4 days of horrible congestion and pressure in my sinuses. Finally starting to subside, can't wait to get back at it. Hope everybody is finding success is their fitness endeavors!!
  13. DIYFamilyMan

    Shed Hunting

    I would have to agree with wildwoody
  14. DIYFamilyMan

    2005 F150 4x4

    Agreed. Soon enough
  15. DIYFamilyMan

    Hunting Film Tour

    Is silver cinema there on Bell and i17?