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    Interval training

    Throughout last summer and my first wildland fire season, I learned how to Interval Train. Anyone who is looking to improve cardiac output and stamina should give it a shot. It helps with hiking, as well as the manual labor part of hunting/packing. Has anybody else seen massive improvements after implementing interval training?
  2. DIYFamilyMan

    What sunglasses do you wear?

    Smith "Directors" tactical black polarized. Strong, durable, reasonably priced. Very comfortable and often times forget that I'm even wearing them
  3. His book "Tales of an American Hunter" is a must read. Incredibly detailed and hard to put down. Give it a read! Interesting to both hunters and well as non hunters.
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    Eric Church... who else is going tonight?!?!
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    I shoulda known this would happen!
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    Negative, just him
  7. DIYFamilyMan

    A good man

    A good man was lost last night. I spent many hours and days sittin on a stool in his shop, listening and learning. He always had good advice if asked a question, and gave support if needed. I will always be appreciative of you John Jr. Decker. RIP my friend. And please pray for his family and loved ones.
  8. DIYFamilyMan

    Protein Powders

    Has anybody found a protein powder that's effective, yet doesn't taste like ***? I rely on whey protein by no means, but mostly for muscle recovery. Just tired of gagging down the flavored stuff. Anybody have suggestions?
  9. DIYFamilyMan

    Monday Check in

    Whatchu draw mayne?!
  10. DIYFamilyMan

    Savage .338 lapua optional vortex razor

    Bump for a Good Guy Seller
  11. DIYFamilyMan

    Monday Check in

    Awesome! Congrats!
  12. DIYFamilyMan

    Monday Check in

    Sounds worth it!
  13. DIYFamilyMan

    My youngest boy

    My youngest son, now 2 weeks old, had an alarming amount of blood in his stool and diaper today. My wife has rushed him to his doctor while I stay home and take care of our 2 other children. Please keep my little man in your thoughts and prayers that everything is/will be ok. Thanks for praying for my little Henry
  14. DIYFamilyMan

    Proud Parenting Moments

    6-27 here. The big 25 this year! Amazing woman to put up with me for so long.Congrats on 25! That's awesome to hear. This year will only be 3 years for my wife and i, 6 years together total. Our daughter however was born opening day archery elk season in 2014, obviously not planned that way haha. Our other 2 boys were clear of huntin season.
  15. DIYFamilyMan

    Proud Parenting Moments

    6/28 for me
  16. DIYFamilyMan

    Monday Check in

    4 days of horrible congestion and pressure in my sinuses. Finally starting to subside, can't wait to get back at it. Hope everybody is finding success is their fitness endeavors!!
  17. DIYFamilyMan

    2005 F150 4x4

    Hey fellas, thinkin bout buying a 2005 f150 with the 5.4L triton, with 140,000 miles on it. I know that there were issues with spark plugs and timing components right around this time. Does anyone here have any experience with that year of engine? Either good or bad experience?
  18. DIYFamilyMan

    Shed Hunting

    I would have to agree with wildwoody
  19. DIYFamilyMan

    2005 F150 4x4

    Agreed. Soon enough
  20. DIYFamilyMan

    Hunting Film Tour

    Is silver cinema there on Bell and i17?
  21. DIYFamilyMan

    2005 F150 4x4

    Alright guys. I bought a truck. It's not the original truck I posted about, but baically a better set up. It's a 2005 f150 4x4 Lariat, with 130,000 miles. It appears to have been babied since it was new as there are very few minor dings or scratches on it. Came with a bed cover, air raid cold air intake, and upgraded sound system. Runs like a champ, the guage was showing 19.2 mpg driving it home from wickenburg to cave creek. Granted it's mostly flat, but 65mph I was impressed
  22. DIYFamilyMan

    Monday Check in

    I hit my goal weight of 185lbs friday of last week, down from 196. Weigh in this morning said 188. Not sure what happened sat and sun, but it'll keep me workin. Fire season is a month away, so stayin lean and getting stronger is a must! Keep the diet clean, run 4 days a week, and weight train like a savage (for endurance)... not to be a meat head.
  23. DIYFamilyMan

    2005 F150 4x4

    Carfax reports that the oil has always been changed every 4 to 5 thousand miles, and has had 3 full fluid services in gear boxes and diffs since it was new, almost every 50,000 miles. New plugs were done 20,000 miles ago. Seems that the previous owners took care of it, can't wait to just go see,listen, and drive it. Hopefully it all checks out and I can have a truck again. Thanks for the advice guys!
  24. DIYFamilyMan

    2005 F150 4x4

    Thanks for all the advice guys. I used to have an '02 with the 4.6L and was impressed with how bullet proof it seemed to be, just wasn't sure about the 5.4. This truck I'm lookin at has been garage kept it's whole life and consistently maintained, super clean. Haven't drove it yet or heard it run, that'll obviously be the make it or break it point.
  25. DIYFamilyMan

    Mulepackhunter is having a bday

    Happy birthday sir!