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  1. AZTB5

    Daughter gets her biggest buck to date

    Great video, great shot, and more importantly great memories for you two! Congrats to you both. šŸ‘ŠšŸ»
  2. AZTB5

    Day 10 Archery Bull

  3. AZTB5

    Nice bull found dead in 5bn

    Hello everybody. I just got a call from a buddy of mine who is archery hunting in 5bn. He came across a bull that was probably shot on Friday. Pm me if you or someone you know was unable to recover this bull. He is a nice bull and Iā€™m sure the hunter would be happy to recover. Thanks
  4. AZTB5

    Results up!

    22s late rifle and unit 1 archery antelope! šŸ‘
  5. AZTB5

    1 Day!!!

    I cant find the status bar that game and fish usually has online that shows where they are with the process. Can someone help me out?
  6. AZTB5

    Opening Day buck

    Nice job!
  7. AZTB5

    2017: What is your bull goal this year?

    I've got a nm unit 15 tag along with my brother and my dad. I've been fortunate enough to kill a couple of bulls, one being great. My dad and brother have never killed an archery bull. my biggest goal is to help them succeed. I'm not planning on being too picky and fortunately our tags are for any elk so a last day cow is even an option. I want some meat! Good luck to all!
  8. AZTB5

    Pre-rut hunting tactics/suggestions?

    Thank you very much for the insight and info. I appreciate it.
  9. AZTB5

    Pre-rut hunting tactics/suggestions?

    Thanks guys. I appreciate it. I scouted the area we are going to hunt this past week. Saw a lot of elk, a few decent bulls. They have been getting a lot of rain so there is water everywhere. Hopefully it will dry up a little, making water a good option.
  10. Hello all. So my dad, brother and I drew archery tags in NM. The hunt is from September 1st-15th. I have killed two bulls and a cow in AZ with my bow but obviously have never hunted elk this early. I suspect the first week to be a bit quiet. Suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance!
  11. AZTB5

    Drew unit 17 NM.

    Congrats! After striking out in AZ, I drew a unit 15 tag in NM. Good luck to you!
  12. AZTB5


  13. AZTB5

    White mountain weather?

    Thanks for the info. So the weather guys got it right? Weird!
  14. AZTB5

    White mountain weather?

    Hello all. Earlier in the week, I was planning on heading up into unit 1 today to set up camp. After keeping an eye on the weather, I decided to head up early tomorrow morning. Does anyone have any knowledge of what's actually going on up there today? Weather apps show up to 2" of rain today. Is that happening? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  15. AZTB5

    Are they done gobbling?

    We are in unit 1 and the birds were going crazy this morning but the wind and snow shut them up for the rest of the day. We have a couple in the roost tonight. We will see how receptive they are in the morning.