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  1. I have a Winchester Model 70 Stainless—Synthetic rifle in .300 Weatherby magnum with both BOSS and BOSS-CR. This is a controlled round feed rifle that was made in New Haven, Connecticut back when Winchester was Winchester. It has a bead-blasted non-reflective matt finish. When I got the rifle it was "used" but hadn't even been broken in. I broke in the rifle carefully, cleaning between every shot with JB Bore Bright for 10 rounds, then every other round for the next 10 rounds. Once I adjusted the BOSS for the bullets I was shooting I found it was a shooter — as I then shot several sub .5" groups with factory Weatherby 180 grain shells! Although I'm sure this could shoot even better, I never did anything else to the rifle. For those that don't know the BOSS system, it is a system for tuning the harmonics of the barrel to match your load instead of having to find a load that will work with a specific rifle. The system WORKS! The standard BOSS incorporates a muzzle-brake (with ports angled forward to reduce muzzle blast) that can be adjusted to lengthen or shorten the barrel to change barrel harmonics. I also have a stainless steel BOSS-CR (never used) that is interchangeable with the standard BOSS for when you want to adjust barrel harmonics for improved accuracy but do not want a muzzle-brake — and the muzzle blast from a brake. Many outfitters & guides do not want muzzle brakes as they can do serious ear damage to hunting guides or others in the party. The BOSS-CR is made for those times. (I don't believe they still make the BOSS-CR, so this item is effectively priceless.) Once harmonics are adjusted you can change between the BOSS and BOSS-CR without loss of accuracy. I will include recommended BOSS settings for various bullet weights. Only minor adjustment should be needed from there. This rifle weighs just 7 pounds 9 3/4 ounces with the BOSS and yet handles the .300 Weatherby round quite well. It is a perfect mountain elk & Muley cary-rifle, light enough to cary yet heavy enough to shoot well. It would also make an excellent "bean field rifle" as the .300 Weatherby is capable of taking deer at more than 1,000 yards! The only blemish is a small surface scratch on the bottom of the magazine door where a sling buckle vibrated against it in a double case. This could easily be removed with bead-blasting if someone wanted to. There are no other blemishes! Although I did put around 45 rounds through this rifle breaking in the barrel and sighting it in, I have never hunted with it and the barrel was never allowed to get hot. I will also throw in a set of 30mm Talley ultra-light aluminum rings with integral bases. The only reason I'm putting it up for sale is that a friend gave me a stainless Mark-V in .300 Weatherby (Yes, he's a very good friend.) and I have no way to justify two .300 Weatherby rifles for one hunter. (Selling a rifle or 2 should make the wife happy, and when she's happy...) Asking $1,150 with both BOSS & BOSS-CR. I'm open to trades. Currently I'm looking for an offshore boat (23-28') with trailer & associated gear, a good ATV, a 10-22 stainless, and a nice .410 or 28 gauge. (I can add cash if necessary.) I'm not looking for modern pistols or ARs. MAKE ME AN OFFER! Rifle is in North Carolina.