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    Good times!!!

    That's a cool pic of you and your boy. I can't wait to take my kids out with me. Sounds like an awesome weekend.
  2. delwain

    Great day!

    Great pig. Congrats!
  3. delwain

    Who's going out for the HAM 2014?

    37A tomorrow afternoon and through the weekend with the old Mathews. Good luck & stay safe out there.
  4. delwain

    How to: Aerial map with topo lines

    This is a really cool tool. Extremely useful. Thanks!
  5. delwain

    3 for 3

    Awesome pictures! Looks like a very successful season with some impressive desert memories/mulies!
  6. delwain

    WTB - Arrow straightener

    Yeah that's probably the case for most people on here. Thanks. Hoping somebody still has one lying around
  7. delwain

    WTB - Arrow straightener

    Looking for an arrow straightener with a dial indicator on it, preferably an AAE. You don't even have to dust it off, I'll take it.
  8. delwain

    37A/34A Archery

    yeah, figured.
  9. delwain

    37A/34A Archery

    Hey all, new guy here. I'm just coming off of getting skunked for elk and it's time to focus on the pigs. I've already started my map scouting based on what azgfd says on their website. I'm in Phoenix so 37A is closer, but I'm definitely willing to get down south. Can anybody clarify some stuff for me on these units? I have some questions... Are there more accessible pigs in 37A or 34A? Is there more hunting pressure in 37A or 34A? I'm kind of focusing on the Picacho and Roskruge Mountains based off the g&f website because they are closer to phx, and supposedly have decent populations of javie but also moderate numbers of hunters. Do most hunters go to the Tortolitas in 37A? I'm going to get out to start glassing next weekend, but I'd really like to know if I should be going down south or if 37A is viable before then. Thanks. -dw
  10. delwain

    Opening morning sucess(actually first light)

    Nice job gettin it done.
  11. delwain

    37A/34A Archery

    Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.