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    WTB Kodiak Flexbow 10x14

    A agree with what everyone has said so far. Great tents that are well made, easy for one person to put up, and built to last. I have the 10X10 & 10X14. There aren't too many things that I encourage people to buy but this is one item that I regularly do. The 10X10 is great for two cots and the 10X14 for three. Good luck finding one because most people hold on to them.
  2. knothead

    Looking to Buy a Youth Shotgun

    bgshooter I replied to PM
  3. knothead

    Looking to Buy a Youth Shotgun

    I have two Remington youth model 870's and I would be willing to sale one of them. Both are 20 gauges, one is the black nylon stock & the other is the traditional wood stock. I bought them for my kids to shoot but now they are all grown up. I still have one daughter who is 5' foot tall and less than 100 lbs so I want to keep one of them. Each one is in good condition with less than 200 rounds through them. $200 I live in north Peoria 623-680-4458 John
  4. knothead

    You tell me, how timely is this rain?

    Bob, It is fun to see your excitement about your hunt and your eventual permanent return to the great state of AZ. We all expect lots of pictures and a write up once it all happens. I once moved away to Dallas TX thinking the grass is greener. Boy, was I wrong. You can say whatever you want about AZ but I was never so happy to return to this great place in which I was born and bred.
  5. I am very happy for your family and the dog. This is great news. About 25 years ago my mother and father went on a vacation back east. My dad had a queensland heeler and he asked me to watch it for him at my house while they were gone. I lived around 67th ave and Camelback at the time and this was the first time the dog had ever been to my house. Dad lived at 115th ave Southern in Tolleson. His dog broke through our wood gate on a Friday and I looked all over for the dog. Even went to parents house each day to no avail. The following Thursday I got a phone call from my parents neighbor and he told me the dog showed up and was waiting at the their front door. It took the dog six days to figure out where he was and how to get back home. I currently have a queensland and they are the smartest dogs I have ever been around. My only complaint about them is that they want to do and go everywhere with you. If I get up to go to the jon, she follows me. As I type this she is laying at my feet.
  6. knothead

    Calibration Defense| Anybody ever try it?

    Just curious. Were you actually speeding and now trying to get off on a technicality or were you not exceeding the speed limit and actually believe you are innocent of all charges?
  7. knothead

    Lookin for left hand youth bow

    Hoyt Rintec has been claimed.
  8. knothead

    Lookin for left hand youth bow

    I have a left handed hoyt rintec my son has outgrown. I live around 83rd ave and happy valley rd. You can have it if you want. All I ask is that you give it to someone else when your son is done with it. 623-680-4458 John
  9. knothead

    Rifle and Archery Deer ?

    Gotbow, In the past, I have done the same thing on early Kaibab rifle hunts. I'm actually surprised more archery hunters don't do this as a way to extend their bow hunting each year. It is a great time of year to be out in the woods. I have been bowhunting since 1978 and have never had or even applied for a rifle elk hunt. However, I do apply for quality rifle deer hunts and buy an OTC deer tag each year. Deer and varmints are about the only thing I like hunting with a rifle but I am way more selective when I have a rifle in my hand. Some of my best memories are from opening day rifle deer season so I will probably never quit applying.
  10. knothead

    Draw Questions

    I made a mistake one time applying for a hunt that could easily be drawn with 2 or 3 points. I believe I had 7 or 8 points at the time. Still chaps my azz when I think about it. That is the main reason I am a supporter of turning in tags to gets points back. Mistakes happen and so does life. We should be allowed at least one mulligan in this game we call hunting in Arizona.
  11. knothead

    2015 SCAR 1st & 2nd Spring Hunts

    I had the early hunt this year in San Carlos and struck out. Only got to hunt two and half days. I was actually kind of disappointed with the hunt and area I was in considering this area is supposed to be like turkey utopia. Very little gobbling and turkey action was my experience. I also had a public ground late hunt in a unit that gives out a ton of tags and I called in 9 different toms on May 2nd and 3rd. One of the best turkey weekends I have ever had. Don't ask if I got one though. You wouldn't happen to be the guy I talked to on Sunday afternoon while on the rez, for better than an hour would you? We were after the same bird and didn't even know it. I already bought my tag for next year but I will most likely hunt the last 3 days of the hunt because the beginning of April is just a little too soon IMO. Good Hunting
  12. knothead

    Check out this Chick

    Very Cool. I once hunted archery elk in unit 27 and every evening I would sit a sunken marsh area with tall grass all around it. Every time I was there a flock of turkeys would come and eat the bugs on the tall grass. There was an albino hen with them that stood out like a sore thumb. I have also seen an albino doe and buck (separate years in early mid-90's) in 20a.
  13. knothead

    AZ Unit 33 Late

    Hunting Heritage, How did your hunt go? I was following along and looking forward to hearing the details of your hunt.
  14. knothead

    Diamondbacks vs pirates tickets

    I will be out of town for this series but if you ever get anymore, please PM me. thx
  15. knothead

    Elk tag ?

    4 or 5 years back my dad received two tags in the mail for the same hunt. We called and told them about it, they said they had some printing/processing problems with some people. They just told us to throw one of them away.
  16. knothead

    1998 Polaris Sportsman 500 4x4

    I have a 2001 Polaris Sportsman and an 2005 Ranger. I drive like an old lady, regular maintenance, always kept in garage, Absolutely ZERO problems. I can't recommend Polaris enough. $2,000 is probably a price I would feel better about on an older quad. If I remember correctly the suspension on that model is different and rides a little stiffer than the newer 4 wheel independent suspension.
  17. knothead

    What has been your favorite hunt?

    I have many great memories. My early high school days hunting with my two best friends are what hooked me, so that is pretty special. Sitting around camp fire with family and friends at hunting camp is always special. Lately, I would have to say it is spring turkey hunting with my kids. I take my youngest son on his very last youth hunt this Friday. Happy and sad at the same time. Happy to go but sad to see them all grow up. Man...... it sure goes by fast. Average Joe, Where did you catch those fish! I got time off this summer and was thinking about doing a 2 week fishing road trip. That looks like a place I would like to visit. Good Hunting
  18. knothead

    Huge Antelope

    Did anyone ever get this buck?
  19. knothead

    antelope season is underway

    I'm curious to know how this hunt will go in 2015. They drastically reduced the number of archery tags due to high success rates of previous. Reading through al these posts, one would be lead to believe there are no more antelope in 19a. The guys that had muzzy and rifle tags. How did you do in 2014?
  20. Not sure why but I noticed it back in January. I like a later hunt date for antelope and I believe they rut better at end of Sept. into early Oct. The weather is also a little nicer. Congratulations for drawing the tag. good Luck!
  21. I was fortunate enough to pick up one of these tags. I plan on going scouting this coming weekend to check out some new places. I have hunted further west a couple times but I thought I would check out areas around Point of Pines as I have never been there before. Was just curious if anyone else is going on the early hunt this year. I will be solo if anyone would like to share a camp. I plan on leaving Friday April 3rd around noon and return Monday Afternoon. Good Hunting John
  22. knothead

    San Carlos turkey tags

    5nRamirez, PM sent
  23. knothead

    Card Hit

    My Bro-in-Law applied for an archery antelope unit that he should easily draw with his 18 points. Only once in last 5 years has someone applied for this hunt with 18 points. Historically it is 100% draw with 16 points. He has no charges yet and nothing pending, He did use his cabelas Visa which I have been told is slow to process transactions. He is not giving up yet. Congratulations to all that drew already. Make the most of your opportunity.
  24. knothead

    camp entertainment with "the goat boys"

    Geeeeez............. this story could have gone a whole different direction. Happy to see it was good clean fun by all.
  25. knothead


    Since we are killing a little time here is my 2 cents worth: I wish G&F would put the archery deer hunts in the same draw as the elk & antelope. By the time results are posted in late July, it does not give a person a lot of time to plan, scout or prepare before the hunt starts in August. As far as the draw goes, I have always been a little dumbfounded on the issues G&F has with it. I believe AZ G&F is one of the most respected departments in the USA with regard to their professionalism and management strategies but they sure screw things up with the online draw. They should have: 1. never switched from paper apps or 2. never canceled the contract they had with the Nevada draw service. Be that as it may, it is March and it really doesn't make a lot of difference if we find out now or a few more weeks. The anticipation is half the fun. I like the idea of having 3 separate draws. It allows people to plan and prepare for other hunts if they draw. Having four kids, it has always been a challenge to juggle hunts and their schedules. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Good Luck!