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    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    I would fight a total ban but I support a camera season. A camera season still allows people to use cameras for recreational purposes whether you are a hunter or a non-hunter. No cameras from Aug 1st to Jan. 31st. My 2nd choice would be to limit cameras a certain distance from man made water sources on public land. Private property should be up to the land owner.
  2. knothead

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    Not that I would ever mess with someone's property but I imagine if this ban goes into effect a lot of people will be taking the law into their own hands. SSS is not just for wolves.
  3. knothead

    Unit 27 Late Bull Hunt - Year 2

    Congratulations! The pictures and smiles on everyone's faces tell a great story.
  4. knothead

    AZ Lifetime License questions

    A wise investment in my opinion.
  5. knothead

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    And the name calling has begun. Stealing plays from the liberal left I see. When you are the guilty, resort to misdirection, blame & name calling. It's not okay to have different opinions anymore? The cancel culture is alive and well here on the coueswhitetail forum
  6. knothead

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    Even though I enjoy them I have written the dept. a few times in favor of a camera season on public land or requiring some sort of distance limit from a man made water source (not a dammed lake). I recommended a season from Feb 1st to July 31st. If it is private land it should be up to the discretion on landowner.
  7. knothead

    Late Kaibab - Almost Time

  8. knothead

    Legal mineral site attractents

    double post. my bad
  9. knothead

    Legal mineral site attractents

    I have found that there is a difference in salt mineral lick bricks. For the longest time I bought my salt bricks at the "The stock shop" on 67th ave and T-bird. They were brown and worked well. All the animals seemed to like them as I would get lots of pics on my cameras. This past July they were out so I went to tractor supply and bought a dozen mineral lick bricks but these had a reddish color to them. All species of animals definitely did not like these as much. The evidence was on the cameras and the fact they didn't lick them.
  10. knothead

    22 RIFLE

    Congratulations on all your success. I had to do a double take on the mule deer. Scrolling down I initially thought it was a rag horn elk. Man I would l love to see some live video of that thing walking around. But I want to know how many people are thinking Colorado Buck just may have a brother here is AZ? Arizona Buck?
  11. I agree, this is abandoned property and it should be removed asap. This is going to attract all kinds attention. Not the good kind of attention either.
  12. knothead

    My WILD 12AW Late Hunt Trip

    I'm most impressed by your positive attitude about everything. I think we could all learn something from you.
  13. knothead

    Elk and Water

    You need to check out Mormon lake.
  14. knothead

    57 years ago

    I was 4 months old
  15. knothead

    Elk and Water

    I have chased elk in September that we start out within a few hundred yards of water source, walked more than 7 miles only to end up 1/2 mile from where we originally started. I am not a rifle elk hunter but I have taken people in the past and I found that elk like to be relatively close (less than 1-2 miles away) to water but they will be away from roads and will be in darker draws and canyons. They do not like to move much during gun hunts. If I see them moving past 9 or 10 in the morning it has been because they were pushed by another hunter.
  16. knothead

    ISO Thompson contender pistol

    I have a Satin Stainless Thompson Contender with two 14" barrels & scopes. One is a .223 and the other is 7mm TCU (this is a necked up .223 that shoots a 7mm bullet). Also comes with rcbs reloading dies, hammer extension, shoulder holster and some loaded 7mm TCU rounds. I would consider selling if the price was right. To be honest, I'm not even sure what they are going for so I would have to do some research. I can post pictures later if you are interested. I would consider trade for a double action .357, 4" or 6" barrel and cash. John 623-680-4458 North Peoria
  17. Great offer for someone. Trees rock me right to sleep or I would take it.
  18. knothead

    Some people

    If this is something that occurs frequently then being pissed would be understandable. Otherwise why escalate the issue. Just go next door and ask them to move the car. If I resorted to drastic measures every time some body pissed me off or inconvenienced me I would still be serving time in Florence. Light'n up folks. Biden's not even in office yet and we want to start wars with our neighbors.
  19. knothead

    Cold weather tent camping

    Lots of good advice from many different people listed above. Livestock will not eat straw but they will eat hay if it's available. I can't believe we still have red flag warnings in November. Those late hunts are even going to seem colder without the ability to sit around a good warm campfire. 2020 sucks in so many different ways.
  20. knothead

    Early Kaibab Rifle Reports???

    Oh, I have had plenty of opportunities. I am holding out for one those classic kaibab bucks that go well over the 200 mark. I have seen a couple while hunting but things didn't work out for one reason or another. It is very common to see 15-20 bucks per day but they are not all the big ones. The most I have ever seen in a single day is 39 but that was 12 or 13 years ago. Lots of 22-26 inch bucks running around up there but numbers drop dramatically once you start to get to 28" and bigger. If and when I ever draw another 12aw tag, I will know the buck I want to shoot when I see him. I'm ok coming home with my tag still in my pocket. If hunting was just about killing, I would have quit years ago. Good luck to the late hunt guys and be sure to post up some pictures when you get back.
  21. knothead

    Early Kaibab Rifle Reports???

    Yes, I know how many points it takes get in the 20% pass but I have never had to wait this long before. I have had 2 late tags and 4 early since 2000 and still yet to put a tag on a 12aw deer. The older I get, the less I want to wait. I think my luck may be running out.
  22. knothead

    Late Elk Rut

    A couple years ago I went along on a mid November muzzy hunt and the elk were bugling every morning right before sunrise. Wasn't a whole lot but it was enough to locate them.
  23. knothead

    Early Kaibab Rifle Reports???

    I have been trying for a late tag the last four years and I am getting tired of waiting and not getting to hunt. Not getting any younger either. I think I am going to give it one more try next year and then nothing but early hunts for me after that. I'm not much of a rifle hunter any more but I still enjoy giving it a go for deer. Congratulations to all the successful hunters so far this year.
  24. knothead

    Draw results

    All you guys hold'n out for a Gould's are giving up a lot of years hunting for one bird. I hope you have the hunt of your life and the wait was worth it.
  25. RH Hoyt Carbon Element RKT 60-70lb 29 inch draw. Great condition. Comes with QAD Ultra Rest, Black Gold 7 pin fiber optic sight. String/Cable 14 months old. Great shooting bow excellent deal. No Low Ballers. If you want me to ship add $60 to price. $500 obo cash No trades John 623-680-4458 text anytime or call after 3:00 during the week. North Peoria 83rd ave and Happy Valley area. my email: arizona_elk@yahoo.com Best to text