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    FS: Rem 1100 LT-20 "Sold"

    If you are interested, I have a 12 ga Remington 1100 in excellent condition that I would make an even swap. If you are interested, give me a call. John 623-680-4458 north peoria
  2. knothead

    2020 mule deer pole

    Post'm fellas. I'm on the sideline this year but I would like to see some pics of successful hunts.
  3. knothead

    2020 mule deer pole

    what's up with the wet pants?
  4. knothead

    2004 Polaris Ranger 500 4x4

    I sold my 2005 Polaris Ranger 500 in similar condition in Nov. 2019 and got $4300 for it. You might be a little high but it is a sellers market right now. Anything on wheels or goes bang is a hot item. Good Luck with sale.
  5. knothead

    2020 mule deer pole

    Last time I had a deer tag we had a democrat for president. I might have to vote for biden just so I can go deer hunting again.
  6. knothead

    2 tags 5BS early archery 🔥🔥

    Just curious but how was the archery hunt in 5B this year since start date was pushed back one week to accommodate the early muzzy hunt?
  7. knothead

    12aw late

    I have been on 6 or 7 of those late hunts one way or another since 2001 and only once did we ever get snow and that was the day we were packing up to leave about 5 years ago. Usually it is sunny, cold, dry and very dusty. Wind blows about half the time too. If it rains, the roads down on the winter range get real nasty. Not so much up top and in the mid range. Good luck to everyone that is hunting deer this year, no matter where it is.
  8. knothead

    WY Muley Hunt (long/pics)

    Congratulations on a very fine buck and what looked like a good time in Wyoming. The only thing missing is a big TRUMP sticker on the RTIC ice chest.
  9. knothead

    12aw late

    This wasn't just the north Kaibab it was pretty much the entire northern half of state that got hammered from that storm. The storm occurred during late rifle elk hunt and many hunters were stranded for days. Like already said, many of the hunters from unit 8 all the way across to Heber/overguard had to leave their camps and trailers until the snow melt in the spring to get everything out. It was all over the news. Boy, we sure could use some snow like that again.
  10. knothead

    100 years ago today

    I wonder if Outdoor Writer remembers this storm?
  11. knothead

    12aw late

    Yes, you can take the 429 rd if 22 is closed. It is a much slower drive due to the tighter winding road that it is.
  12. knothead

    12aw late

    Congratulations drawing such a coveted tag. By far, this is my favorite place to hunt mule deer. If there is still available water up high and it is not frozen a lot of the deer will still be up high. Once the water sources freeze where they can't break the ice, all the deer drop down to lower elevations. Sowats is a popular place for deer and deer hunters. If you hunt down low you will see fewer hunters a few miles north and north west of Sowats. As so many have already said, glassing is the key and being at right place at right time. When I retire I plan on spending time up there every fall during hunting seasons whether I have a tag or not.
  13. knothead

    Crown King Fire

  14. knothead

    Crown King Fire

    Looks like we are just going to go from one summer to the next summer with not much middle. Will red flag warnings be lifted in time for upcoming deer hunts?
  15. knothead

    How'd your Hunt Go?

    "I've seen lots of black Americans that hunt.." In Arizona? I have no problem with anyone hunting but it is just not very common to see black bow hunters. At least here in AZ it isn't. To be honest, I can't remember a single time I have been out hunting in the field and came across a black hunter. I probably have but I just don't remember. I have been shooting all the big 3d shoots here in AZ since early 80's and it is extremely rare to see a black shooter. I don't give a dang about the color of someone's skin. Just stating my observations.
  16. knothead

    How'd your Hunt Go?

    So many firsts here. 1. The hunter has only 3 fingers & thumb on right hand. 2. Black dude hunting. You don't see that every day. 3. Turkey(s) in your lap. 4. white but not albino turkey.
  17. knothead

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    They never did cash my check I sent in for the 2021 spring season but I guess I will be getting a refund for the 2020 that was cancelled. Bitter sweet I suppose. I would rather hunt. I might try New Mexico this year or I just might go a week before the opener and shoot them with my camera here in AZ.
  18. knothead

    Trump tests positive for Covid-19

    Not counting my family members, I personally know of 5 people who have had it. I don't know of anyone who has been hospitalized because of it or died. I find it odd how different people react to the virus. Some people are scared to death of it and will not even leave their house and then there are others who never even give it a 2nd thought. I will admit, since I have already had it, I walk around with a sense of immunity towards it now. It was a miserable 3 weeks but I am kind of glad I had it and now I am done with it. No proven case where someone has had it, recovered, and then gotten it again. Now if I could only shake these dang migraines. "I don’t think many people think the illness is a hoax, the hype around it is the hoax." This is probably the most profound thing trphyhntr has ever said.
  19. knothead

    Benchee/Odes UTVs

    I agree, stick with name brands. Be patient and you can find deals. Not sure I got as good a deal as Curtis Reed but I got a 2018 Polaris General 4 1000 with 350 miles on it and lots of extras for about 60% of the price of what the guy paid for it.
  20. knothead

    Trump tests positive for Covid-19

    I agree, it affects everyone differently. 4 out 5 of us at our house got covid -19 this past March & April. My wife works in NYC and I'm sure she brought it home to us. My two twenty something year old kids tested positive but had zero symptoms. My wife symptoms were like a severe flu, difficulty breathing, body aches, high fever & cough for about 3 weeks. My symptoms were terrible body aches like I was in a bad car accident and the worst migraine headaches ever. The headaches lasted up to 2.5 days. Took me 3 weeks to feel better and the last 8 days were heck. Could not sleep because my body hurt so badly. My youngest son and I still have lingering issues. He gets headaches nearly daily. I don't have daily headaches but I get severe migraines 1-3 times per month now. I never realized had bad they were until I experienced them. Until I got covid, I don't think I ever had a migraine in my life. Lastly, my head is still not 100% just a little foggy kind of like the last part of hangover. It is real and it sucks. I still think most people will get it and will survive it but everyone's experiences will be different.
  21. knothead

    Willow Springs Smallmouth

    Everything in AZ will continue to get worse. We keep trying to fit more and more people on the same little bodies of water. AZ needs to come up with a plan to either make lakes larger by raising dams or making new lakes along the CAP. This is pretty tough to do when we the SW has been in a 20 year drought. AZ has averaged 1 million new residents every decade for last 40 years and we are supposed to grow by at least another million by 2030. By the way, I think the forest service needs to build or expand new camp grounds around the state too.
  22. knothead

    Rut Activity

    I have a love a love/hate relationship with wind during hunting season. By far and away it is much easier to put a stalk on an animal. One year while hunting elk on the WMAT Res, the wind was blowing about 35 miles per hour and I pretty much just walked right up to a herd of elk. When all the leaves and branches are swinging back and forth they can't pick up human movement from all the other stuff. I hate that it is harder to find animals and you can't hear any bugles. The advantage goes to the hunter in the wind.