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  1. I had been using the high end binocular adapters just because. But after the rubber strap broke and I couldn't find a replacement I went to a small bungie cord. Well long story shortened I put together the binocular rest and added a section to attach a spotter, shooting rest, rangefinder, or wi-fi antenna, kidding about wi-fi. I have built a few with a satin powder coating that I am learning to use and was going to see the responses out here. I put some in a few of my friends hands to see how they like them and I will let you know if Richie Hogan approves. Name dropping here. I have 6 or 8 put together right now so lets see if you coues hunters like them. I am asking $65.00 each and I can be reached at rgifford5@cox.net for more information, thanks. Ray