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  1. WFGinNM

    NM Deer app question

    April 25th. --Bill
  2. WFGinNM


    To each his own, but it isn't country. It's pop, boyband music. --Bill
  3. WFGinNM


    What Country... NYC. He's right up there with beiber and Bruno mars. POP --Bill
  4. WFGinNM


    Is Luke Bryan, Justin Timberlake and the rest of the boy band going to be there?
  5. WFGinNM

    Badlands Warranty

    I like their packs, have a 2200 and an Ultraday. I'm just tired of sending them in every year to have a zipper fixed. They did send me a new Ultraday the last time but one of the zippers broke the first time I used it. I may just try and find someone local that can install a more reliable zipper. They really do have great service. --Bill
  6. WFGinNM

    Slow Year

    Lots of people out early this year where I live. Everybody is going to get rich off sheds. --Bill
  7. WFGinNM

    selling on ebay?

    Shipping makes it problematic. --Bill
  8. WFGinNM

    Sitka Blacktail

    That's cool. I have a blacktail shed from Kodiak Island that has barnacles on it. -- Bill
  9. WFGinNM


    Is this a Unit Wide landowner tag? --Bill
  10. WFGinNM

    A few NM Sheds from this spring.

    Thanks guys, It was a quick spring, went up yesterday and the grasses are higher than the belly of a bull. --Bill
  11. WFGinNM

    A few NM Sheds from this spring.

    I used to keep all the Browns, and didn't have room to pack out the whites. Now I keep the unique ones and a big set a year, and sell the rest. Sheds from April.
  12. WFGinNM

    A few NM Sheds from this spring.

    Thanks, my pup found the sheds in the last couple picks.
  13. Here's a few picture of this springs finds.
  14. WFGinNM

    WTB Montana Moo Cow Decoy

    Does anybody have a Moo Cow decoy they would be willing to sell? Thanks, --Bill
  15. WFGinNM

    Heading to Abaco Island

    We were south of Abaco last Thanksgiving on Long Island. When we go back we will be bringing our own spinning gear, it was too windy for me to try and toss feathers. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. --Bill