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  1. 5yearcoueshunter


    My favorite meat. Ewes and young rams are delicious, big Rams need to be all ground up because they are tough but have great flavor. People that say they aren't edible most likely don't take care of the meat and get it cooled down, which is hard to do when you have to pack them out a long ways in hot weather. Me and my hunting party have shot 8 in NM, all were delicious and we do nothing fancy to the meat. Just plain hamburgers and chicken fried steak. Travis
  2. 5yearcoueshunter

    2017 Draw Results

    Unit 31 Nov Whitetail. I'm a NR from NM, first time applying in AZ. Excited to start the research and scouting! If anyone has any tips for me, I'd really appreciate it.
  3. 5yearcoueshunter

    Chicken fried Javelina Backstrap

    That is my favorite way to cook Javelina, especially the younger animals. Delicious!
  4. 5yearcoueshunter

    Anyone hunt Rio's in New Mexico?

    Yes, there are Rio's in the Rio Grande Valley around Socorro with plenty of open land along the river to hunt. However, from my experience it's super difficult to find a bird off the Bosque Del Apache refuge and the hunting pressure is pretty heavy. With the limited river habitat, it doesn't take long for the few birds outside of the refuge to get hammered.
  5. 5yearcoueshunter

    merriams or rio grande

    NM does have Rio Grande's, but they have a limited range. They are native to the Canadian river drainage in the NE part of the state. There are also some in the Pecos river drainage south of Santa Rosa and in the Hondo valley west of Roswell. I'm not sure they are native there. There is also some in the Rio Grande valley that were transplanted years ago. All these areas are OTC. I was lucky enough to take my first NM Rio this year. Been trying to get one for the past 5 years. Super happy to get him. [/url] Travis
  6. 5yearcoueshunter

    couple NM otc Barbary down

    Congrats! That's awesome. Good idea hitting that OTC unit early in the season. Travis
  7. 5yearcoueshunter

    New Mexico draw results

    Dad and I got Bighorn Ewe tags! I know it's not a Ram but I'm super excited to be hunting bighorn sheep for the first time. We also drew Barbary! No deer, elk, antelope, Oryx or Ibex. Good luck to all! Travis
  8. 5yearcoueshunter

    Ibex depredation hunt

    Congrats! That's really cool. I was hoping to get called for this hunt but nothing. Always next year. How the heck did you measure that billy at over 400 yards! lol Happy that worked out for you but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have taken that chance. Congrats again! Travis
  9. 5yearcoueshunter

    NM Barbary Sheep

    Congrats on the sheep Doug! The fact that you found some sheep to shoot at and got one is a huge accomplishment IMO. Tough loss on the head and hams. Definitely one of those weird situations. Next time will be better. Travis
  10. 5yearcoueshunter

    NM Barbary Sheep

    Good luck Doug! Hopefully you'll have success this time. Public land NM Barbary hunting is tough but addicting. I was lucky enough this weekend to take my 3rd public land sheep. Could have sworn it was a Ram, but it turned out to be a big 20 inch old Ewe. You would think after 4 years of hunting these critters I could judge them, guess not. haha Was a fun 3 mile pack out trip in the dark, so definitely rewarding. Good luck again! Hope to be hearing a success story. [/url] Travis
  11. 5yearcoueshunter

    Draw Results

    Results are scheduled to come out April 24th, so look for emails on the 23rd. Last year they were about a week early so it's possible but I wouldn't count on it. Travis
  12. 5yearcoueshunter

    Elkman's NM Coues Hunt

    Good looking buck! Sounds like you definitely put in the time for him. Congrats! Travis
  13. 5yearcoueshunter

    Nm now has OTC Ibex

    Licenses are already available to purchase online. Bag limit is 2 F/IM with a purchase of one license. Hunt starts Feb 21, 2013 - Mar 31, 2013. Who's in? Very tempting to do it, but I'm scared it's going to be a circus opening day. They might kill the 125 and close the season before I even get my out of shape body up the mountain. haha Travis
  14. 5yearcoueshunter

    NM Wilderness Coues

    Congrats Jeff on a very nice buck! Glad you posted. Travis
  15. 5yearcoueshunter

    new mexico buck

    Congrats on a very nice NM buck! You should be proud! Travis