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  1. Xnt

    Elk cape...

    dang, too late :-( i suggest posting earlier in the season next year.
  2. Xnt

    Euro Mounts outside

    Thanks. Do they still have their brown color?
  3. Xnt

    CC Hit (First Elk Hunt) GEAR TIPS

    +1. You can definitely break the bank and it count for little on your hunt. Especially rifle. I don't even bother with camo on my rifle hunts anymore. Or scent spray for that matter. Good optics, good boots, and some time at the range will be your best investments.
  4. Xnt

    Euro Mounts outside

    Will antlers lose color if placed in the shade here in southern Arizona? Lots of temperature swings but I have a place 100% in shade I'm considering putting a euro elk just to free up some room indoors. Thanks!
  5. Xnt

    Vacuum sealers

    I've done a few elk and at least 30 deer/lopes in 7 years with my Food Saver. Now and then you don't get a good seal and there's some minor freezer burn but for being a fraction of the cost of higher end units I'm very pleased. Plus Costco has the bags on sale regularly.
  6. Xnt

    recommend a tripod

    I love my Sirui ballhead. Solid metal, holds weight steady, and very precise adjustments. Its great for its intended use: serious landscape photography. No way in heck I'd use it for panning a spotting scope. Is that what you're planning to use yours for: a spotter? Or just 15x binos? You can save some cash by going with a head thats rated for a lighter weight. Speaking of cash: that's all of it--my Sirui is all your budget and no money left for a tripod. I used junk heads and legs before and with how much time I spend behind my glass on a desert hunt, I'd probably take the season off and save up rather than spend all the frustration fighting my gear. Tripod and head are just as much an investment as your glass: you get what you pay for and buy nice or buy twice!
  7. I love to camp but when we kill 15-20 deer and pronghorn on a short hunt we need all the space we can get for coolers. No room for tents, chairs, and the like.
  8. Xnt

    Optic Cleaning

    I use Zeiss wipes when I can as they are 100% alcohol. Be advised that they dry out fast as a result. Don't use 70% or even 90% isopropanol as they have dyes and perfumes in there to keep alcoholics from drinking it. Those will leave smudges of oil on your glass, which is the very thing we're trying to clean off here.
  9. I hope you guys are kidding. Perspiration in the perineal area aerosolizes feces and bacteria to the skin all over that area. Even if you don't poop on your hands, they're still covered in 200 million bacteria per square inch after using the restroom. https://www.bustle.com/articles/147771-4-gross-things-that-happen-when-you-dont-wash-your-hands https://hellogiggles.com/lifestyle/health-fitness/really-need-wash-hands-pee/
  10. Staying at a hotel for our hunt and he walks right past the sink and not wash hands after using the toilet. Every. Single. Time. Am I being too high maintenance or is this just effin' disgusting??
  11. Xnt

    RTIC Coolers

    I got one of their last generation, 65qt units for $110. I wish someone would kick my butt for not buying like four at that price.
  12. “To come out on the field and kneel to thugs and criminals just before saluting the flag was a reprehensible move our company won’t easily forgive. The Dallas Cowboys are no longer licensed to wear, display or sell merchandise with the Nike name or logo on it.” http://timespolice.com/?p=1252 ... Ouch! That's going to leave a mark!
  13. Xnt

    Chronic Wasting Disease

    Has it spread to humans from wildlife? I listened to The Meat Eater podcast and they said no. Just wanted to see if anything was missed. I have a pocket full of tags for an area where CWD has been detected. You can get the animals tested by the state for free, but you can only discard the doe that tested positive, if you want to. that might be difficult for as many deer as I'll be killing. Seems like a lot of worry if there's practically zero risk.
  14. Xnt

    Daughter's First Elk

    many congratulations
  15. Push for a Constitutional amendment to remove the initiative process. Pure democracy trades the tyranny of the one for the tyranny of the majority and is exactly what our founding fathers worked their asses off to prevent. Once an initiative becomes law in Arizona, the only way to get rid of it is through the courts. An act of the legislature cannot override it.