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  1. 452b264

    Powder needed

    Brunos had both the last time I was in there, that was about two weeks ago.
  2. 452b264

    1# BL-C(2) 1# H4831SC

    I will take the H 4831 sc
  3. 452b264

    Bison reduction project

    I think the CM is a bit much you will need to step down a couple of calibers. In the link below scroll down to the declassified photos. https://www.rokslide.com/ryan-avery-on-the-king-of-calibers-the-6-5-creedmoor/
  4. 452b264

    My feet hurt

    Get yourself a tennis ball to roll under your foot when your sitting around the house.
  5. 452b264

    Found some

    I have 1k cci BR2 primers and would like to trade for 1k federal 215 M primers or fed. 210 M I would also sell them to any who really needs primers for $130 which is what I just paid for them.
  6. 452b264

    Found some

    Found some.
  7. 452b264

    Contact our Governor

    The current administration (president) is about to use an executive order to ban all firearms capable of holding more than 10 rounds and semi automatic rifles. A bill to protect us from this is at the Governors desk so a link is posted below so you can contact him or call him. https://www.gunowners.org/az04012021/
  8. 452b264

    6.5 creedmoor for 9mm factory ammo

    I could use at least one of those boxs maybe both?
  9. 452b264

    RL 26 and RL 33 for sale or trade

    You can get those for 300 locally.
  10. 452b264

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    Nosler 280 AI brass minimum of 150 pc. Nosler 6.5 cal. 142 gr. LRAB at least 200
  11. 452b264

    Best sub $300 scope

    https://cameralandny.com/shop/burris-fullfield-iv-3-12x42mm-long-range-moa-open-box/3946d580-3eee-0139-714f-00163ecd2826?variation=2905580&query=open box https://cameralandny.com/shop/brands/burris/burris-droptine-4-5-14x42mm-ballistic-plex/24001370-fa3d-0135-de56-00163e90e196?variation=1694503
  12. 452b264

    *FOUND* Rem700 SA BDL

    You could also try GreyBoe they are right here in Phoenix.
  13. 452b264

    SCAMMED What an idiot !!!

    A good rule to use if they dont have 4/5 hundred posts and good feed back I dont even bother with them. There is a thread on rokslide about a guy who bought a gun for $1200 and never received his firearm. The scumbag made the mistake of using his dads address and the buyer used cashiers check, the buyer called the police and they went to the address he gave them turns out the son is a felon and dad turned him in. I havent followed up on the story but will soon. Another good rule is dont use electronic funds transfers unless you follow rule number 1.
  14. 452b264

    SCAMMED What an idiot !!!

    You cant use pay pal for anything firearm related. They wont help you.
  15. 452b264

    Need Your Spots

    Try SW of Ajo its a sleeper unit with 380 for a top end bull.
  16. I bought a scope from him years ago and he is great to deal with. Congratulations on the tripod.
  17. 452b264

    Bruno’s has lots of powder.

    They are now carrying Hornady ammo. I was in there a couple of days ago they had a bunch of 300 saum, 30 RCM, some 338 Lapua. Its back by the 22 ammo
  18. 452b264

    Account hacked

    They hack your account then use your history to gain the trust of other members and scam them. This is happening on rokslide also.
  19. 452b264

    Scammer alert

    He just sent me a message also since I m looking for varget. Its listed below. "Well if u are still interested in getting H Varget I have a friend who can help u with that. Not sure if it’s still available but you can try. Here’s his email dj1205461@gmail.com"
  20. 452b264


    Yep he has 0 content, joined 43 minutes ago and his friend has varget his email is dj1205461@gmail.com. Below is the message he sent me. Well if u are still interested in getting H Varget I have a friend who can help u with that. Not sure if it’s still available but you can try. Here’s his email dj1205461@gmail.com
  21. 452b264

    WTB Varget

    I am looking to buy some H Varget.
  22. 452b264

    30 cal. TTSX / 3006 AMMO

  23. 452b264

    30 cal. TTSX / 3006 AMMO

    I have 29 rounds of 3006 Federal 180 gr. Trophy bonded tip. $40 Loaded factory ammo 38 130 gr. TTSX $30 NOT LOADED AMMO I also have 85 30 cal. 150 gr. TTSX $60 NOT LOADED AMMO