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    Meopta 15x56 SOLD!

    I sent you a couple of text messages to see if you still have the meoptas maybe your phone is disconnected?
  2. 452b264

    Winchester model 54 30-06

    That was actually my first rifle gifted to me by my grandfather but in a 270 win. It shot 130 gr. silver tips into little clusters, sadly it was stolen about year after he passed. Good luck with your sale.
  3. 452b264

    Top units

    That photo isnt complete without the 6.5 creedmoor.
  4. 452b264

    Unit 27 Semi Live Late Bull Hunt

    Im tagging in. Wish I had that tag this year with all the snow they are going to get over the next few days.
  5. 452b264

    4A Access

    If we get enough snow the elk should move to the north, so driving in from Winslow should be perfect.
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    Uh oh...

    Colorado is a good example for legalizing pot, in the first year violent crime went up 25 % and that is after the effective new gun control laws were passed. As for putting the cartel out of business, it will be cheaper on the black market then in the store.
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    Once Fired 30-06 Brass

    What brand is the brass?
  8. How much for the barreled action? No stock, scope or rings.
  9. 452b264

    Wood Stove Questions- UL/Backpacking

    I have a SEEK OUTSIDE 4 man with a large stove. Seek outside shelters have a storm flap on the zippers so when the door is zipped shut the velcro seals the door, this keeps your zippers from freezing closed, water from leaking into the shelter unlike its competition and keeps the wind out, they also have two zippered doors. They have a sod skirt around the shelter so you can place rocks or soil on it to seal the shelter from the elements. Their tipis have loops in the shelter to run para cord through for a clothes line. As with all tipis if they state 4, 6 or 8 man with a stove, wood, packs rifles etc. you need to cut the occupancy in half. When backpacking I think my 4 man is AWESOME by myself. I do believe the shelter with the stove is about 7 pounds all in which is light considering it can handle severe storms with ease. The stove will burn for a couple of hours and have coals for a couple more, since they are small they need to be stoked more then a full size stove but will keep the shelter about 70/80 degrees when its 5 degrees out and snowing. It is easy to cook on since it is flat and square, I dont bring a fuel stove when using the stove in the tipi. It is very sturdy, dosent leak smoke unless you forget to clean the spark arrester. As far as cylinder vs box stove I did a lot reading before buying my stove and the cylinder stove will warp leaving you with a small problem and you cant cook on them very easily. The stove and the shelter have proven very durable and I will never be without one again. As far as cons I havent found any, I am really thinking about buying an 8 or 12 man and getting rid of my wall tent. In the photo below I had the shelter up and a fire going in about 15 minutes.
  10. I always take an extra rifle on my hunts and have for a couple of decades. Its just a plain R 700 but I never leave home without it.
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    Updated 12/2/19 -- A Few Good Kaibab Bucks

    He didnt state if they came from the east or west.
  12. 452b264

    Custom 22-250

    What is the twist rate on the barrel?
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    The first rifle I bought for myself was a 280 rem. Good luck with your sale!
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  16. The small game biologist told me if its in the meat feed the coyotes, if its on the surface of the meat its good to eat.
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    I live close to the AZ SPORTSMANS WAREHOUSE AT THE 101 / I 17. I can ship it though?
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    OK ***SPF***
  19. What primers are you using? Steve told me to use magnum primers in my 280 AI with the 145 gr Hammer. I was able to get .4 just by shooting a ladder test, then picking the flat spot and loading up 6 rounds. I didnt get the velocity I was hoping for and will definitely try the standard primer next. Good luck on your hunt!
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    12b west early hunt

    Well done and I bet that cold front really helped, the last time we hunted there it was really hot. I was in a tee shirt 90 % of the time. How about some stories?
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    I recently had a couple of people state this pistol is over priced, below is a quote from APEX TACTICAL web site and find it very accurate. Once you replace the barrel and trigger these become a completely different firearm. If you bought all the parts and pistol it would cost you about 1000/1100 to put this pistol together (gunsmith). You will have to shoot one to ever believe a polymer gun shoots this well. "The stainless steel barrel features a 1:10” twist rate. The design increases accuracy performance making the M&P capable of shooting as small as a 1-inch grouping at 25 yards". The above is when using a rest.
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    WTB Zeiss scope

    I would scroll through redhawk rifles web site I bought a scope from him off the demo optics list and saved $400. They are good to deal with as I have also bought a few parts from them, one being my Greyboe Terrian stock for $264 shipped for my 280 AI. https://redhawkrifles.com/
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    Is your pistol still for sale? If it had the de-cocker I would have bought it long ago. The nice thing about a CZ with a safety is the safety wont engage unless the pistol is cocked.
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